10 Staycation Spots to Spend the Holidays


Relaxation without the hassle of traveling far is a must these days. No wonder “staycation” is becoming a popular way to escape and unwind today. This season of joy, give yourself a break and treat your family to a well-deserved vacation. Take them to a short yet complete staycation experience to enjoy the holidays. Here are some staycation spots we recommend to you. City of Dreams Manila (Image source: City of Dreams Manila) Its world-class amenities and exceptional customer service make City of Dreams Manila a dream staycation for anyone. This integrated resort houses three luxurious hotels namely Nobu Hotel, Crown Towers, and Hyatt Manila. It also features a variety of premium restaurants for distinct culinary preferences. Together with your family or friends, make your experience here unforgettable with its entertainment and recreational amenities. Have fun with your kids or younger siblings at Dreamwork’s Dreamplay. Watch international live performances at Centerplay … [Read more...]

15 Travel Essentials To Always Pack On Your Carry-Ons


Call it an overstatement, but you can’t really travel without these essentials! Of course, essentials may vary on the preference of an individual, and we list down the basic and the most common travel essentials a traveler should not miss packing in their carry-ons! With these essentials, check everything you need on your checklist to keep the stress of forgetting to bring this and that that may hamper your smooth trip. Find out why these fifteen travel essentials below are the wanderlust's must-have items on a journey. 1) Earphones Who doesn’t need earphones? You’ll never know when this will come in handy. It’s perfect when you go on a bus ride, a plane ride or any ride along the way to your destination. It’s the ideal shut-up moment to the world on your travel downtime as well. This doesn’t mean you'll miss on or ignore on the possibility of listening stories to a stranger by your side, it just creates a thematic feeling as you listen to your travel playlist. After all, … [Read more...]

Travel this Holiday? 7 Important To-Dos When You’re A Tourist


Planning to travel this holiday? Well, just keep that motivation strong because it's just a few weeks to go before reaching that X on your calendars. So, whether you're visiting a famous local destination or you're jetting to a different continent, the moment you step on that place, you're a tourist. The very thing that travelers want to avoid at all cost is turning their adventure for the worse.  Of course, those mishaps is what we want to pray it will never happen. So, if you want that wonderful "turista" experience, here are important to-dos on your pre-travel arrangements below because it's better to be a wise tourist than to be an ignorant one. 1) Check the internet for rates. First of our list is to check the web. The internet is your virtual library and cliche' as it may sound, you'll find almost anything. So, if you want to be as sure to what your destination is offering, might as well read more about the place. What we are trying to avoid here as tourists are the … [Read more...]