7 Sure Fire Ways You’re Doing The Holidays in “Tita” Fashion

#1 - bulk gifts

Titas. Instead of just using the word to refer to our biological aunts, or our parents’ friends, or anyone else who we can’t address by their first name without being iffy, the word "Tita" is now also being understood in a different light more than to just literally being a middle-aged (or senior) woman who gets the finer things in life (read: bi-weekly mani/pedi sesh is a must or else the thought of ugly nails and dried skin will ruin your day; or call girl friends as “mars” colloquially shortened to replace “kumare”). Today, Tita has now developed to become a household name to many Filipino women that all share the trait of being practical and pragmatic, all in a very lovable and unique sense appreciated by the people around them. We’ve been hearing this term thrown around a lot of times even in the most ordinary activities like choosing to stay in and watch a nice movie or TV show by yourself instead of hitting the bar on a weeknight (unlike before, admirably, during your … [Read more...]