Pawnina Shares: All-time Favorite Simbang Gabi Treats And Where To Find Them


Hey guys, Pawnina here! We’re just a few days away until the eve of Christmas. So, the holiday tradition for many begins with the early dawn mass or Misa de Gallo on 16th of December! What’s to look forward after the Rooster mass are all-time favorite Simbang Gabi treats! These native delicacies  are a staple outside cathedrals and are just perfect to keep our tummies warm before dawn breaks. Now, if you want to have a taste of Christmas from these proudly made pinoy traditional delicacies, then we list down a few places where to find them around the Metro. 1) Puto bumbong One of the most popular Misa de Gallo eats is the purple colored glutinous rice oozing with gooey sweetness from the perfect coat of melted butter/margarine, muscovado sugar and grated fresh coconut. This steamed rice cake in a small bamboo tube is warmly served and is burp-worthy on your bellies! Image source Here are a few spots to find these Puto Bumbong even after Christmas: Cafe Via Mare’s … [Read more...]

Pinoy Holiday Traditions To Look Forward This December


December is coming into our hearts boys and girls, and what more can you look forward to this coming month than celebrating the holidays! The last month of the year features festive of activities and long-time traditions to look forward to. And as exciting as it may sound, we can’t wait to just seclude ourselves with the joy of the yuletide season. So, get the holiday break you deserve and mark the calendars with these traditions below: The early dawn mass tradition: Simbang Gabi Image source Beginning at the 16th of December all the way to the 24th, this mass tradition has dated back from our country’s colonial times. The nine-day mass, by tradition, usually begins at 4 in the morning, just right before the crack of dawn. Why such an early tradition? Well, to say the least, this tradition traces back to Pope Sixtus V who ordered that the mass be heard before sunrise since farmers need to be in fields right after as it’s the harvest season. And of course, it won’t be complete … [Read more...]