Pawnina Tips: How To Win Against Online Shopping Scams This Holiday Sale Season


Hey guys, Pawnina here! As we all know, shopping sale season starts at the remaining months of the year. Now, we’re down to the last month! Both online shops and shopping stores are at their full force with their best offers. Since December has one of the most widely celebrated holidays of the year, we are more vulnerable to spend our holiday budget. Shopping stores are a safer haven to hunt deals, but shopping online does not guarantee the same safety and security you get from physical shops. Because we don’t want our 13th month pay, Christmas bonuses and hard-earned savings to go down the drain, here  are quick tips to avoid being an online shopping scam victim. So check the tips below win against those bad guys. 1) Read reviews of the online shop. The first thing you should do is to assure its reputation as an online shop. The more popular it is, the better. Otherwise, the less reviews, the fishier it gets. So, as it is online, you can check their social media accounts. It … [Read more...]

PAWNINA TALKS: 10 Telltale Signs You’re Dating A Shopaholic


Hi there guys! Pawnina here! Dating is a crucial step on getting to know someone you like. At this early on set of a relationship, you both are trying to read one another, figuring out if you guys can harmonize with your personalities, sync with your interests, intertwine with your  . likes and dislikes and eventually hit off the road together. Of course, it’s really admirable to know the qualities of your dates as being creative, athletic, geeky, crazy, funny and all sorts, but had you ever had the chance to date someone who’s actually shopaholic? There’s nothing wrong dating a shopaholic, it’s a flaw that you’ll learn to accept. Shopping doesn’t harm anybody physically, but financially it does hurt and that could be a problem. If you’re a frugal romantic, these telltale signs will give you the heads-up to identify whether your date has a shopping addiction.   1) Shopping is their absolute stress-reliever You cannot deny the fact that shopping is a shopaholic’s way of … [Read more...]

Top 10 Laptops for the Upcoming School Year


Laptops and computers are such an essential part of daily life that it's become often much more difficult to manage without them. For students on a budget, however, they represent a considerable enough investment of money. PawnHero takes a look at the most affordable laptops that you can get on even a minimal budget that can get the job done for you this upcoming school year. These machines won't bowl you over with high-end specs, nor can you count on them for heavy duty work, but if you just need something to type up the next report or do a little bit of research, they're perfect. After all, beggars can't be choosers! 1. Asus Chromebook Flip The Chromebook is a great platform for those on the tightest of budgets because its lack of a physical storage drive lowers the costs considerably. Wholly online, these laptops are functional to the highest degree and revolve strongly around Google's excellent cloud-based services. Word processing is handled via Google Docs, browsing and … [Read more...]

Keep, Store, or Sell? A Savvy Fashionista’s Guide to Updating Her Wardrobe


For a fashion girl, there is probably nothing more fun than updating her wardrobe. But elating as every unbridled shopping spree is, it may come with a few setbacks. One is the challenge of fitting your new loot into your wardrobe. Admit it. Some of the items in your closet are there only for sentimental reasons. Never mind if the pair of exaggeratedly flared pants you pleaded your Mom for 10 Christmases ago just sat in your closet collecting dust. Why, simply looking at it brings proud tears to your eyes, as you are reminded of how far your fashionista self has gone. Plus, it makes your closet look fuller, so why not? But getting rid of items that you don’t use anymore can signal the beginning of a more organized lifestyle. Letting some of your closet clutter go can actually help you save time, space, and even your sanity. Start organizing your wardrobe and your life by taking this short quiz: Now that you’ve sifted through your closet and freed some valuable space, next … [Read more...]

13 Designer Bags Every Woman Must Invest In


Any shopaholic or bag lover would know the value of a classic handbag. There are pieces that come and go with the trends, but quality handbags are forever. While these branded items are pricey, dropping cash for their impeccable, sturdy material and iconic shape is worth it. It’s agreeable that these purchases should be treated as an investment more than expensive consumption. After all, handbag collecting—because these precious fashion items are considered fine pieces of art—can arguably be likened to collecting paintings and other forms of art. Iconic, designer bags are definitely in, and the great thing about that is that you can never go wrong investing in a classic handbag. Here’s a list of timeless handbags every woman should make part of her closet. Chanel 2.55 Flap Bag Some bags need no introduction. Black and perfectly-sized for work or evening cocktails, this Chanel classic black purse is a must-have in any woman’s handbag arsenal. Louis Vuitton Speedy … [Read more...]

5 Times Vanessa Hudgens Gave Us Coachella Goals


It’s Coachella season again! Okay, while not all of us are fortunate enough to be jetting to the Coachella Valley to attend the music festival, that’s no reason to be blue. There are music festivals left and right here in the Philippines, and though it doesn't involve dancing in the middle of a faraway desert, you are bound to have just as much fun. If you’re looking for the latest fashion trends in Festival-land, there’s no better person to consult than the Festival Queen herself, Vanessa Hudgens! Here are five times V gave us Coachella goals: 2011 V Hudge looks super cute in a cropped crochet halter top and denim shorts. She completes her look with feather hair accessories, armbands, layered necklaces, and a leg chain. Here, she looks ultra-hip in a crochet maxi skirt, and a flowy chiffon top. 2012 Look how charming V looks in a black and white flowy spaghetti-strap number and sheer stockings. Donning a flowy, floral bandeau, denim shorts, a sheer crochet … [Read more...]

PawnHero MarketPlace: Discounted Brand-Name Items for Shoppers on the Go


If you have ever taken one look at your old, trusty handbag and told yourself, “This old thing has to go,” visit the PawnHero MarketPlace. The MarketPlace is a favorite haunt for shoppers on the go that are looking for name-brand items at comparably lower prices. Plenty of Choices The MarketPlace carries fashion items like handbags, jewelry and diamonds, watches, sunglasses, and shoes. You can also find an extensive selection of gadgets plus myriad other items including musical instruments, home appliances, sports equipment, and art pieces.  All these name-brand items are sold for up to 80% off their original market value. The MarketPlace also boasts of some unique items such as antique daggers, a magnetometer, vintage cuff links, old dollar coins, a Japanese harp, and even a limited edition Sarimanok sculpture by National Artist Abdulmari Asia Ima. If you are a collector, an art enthusiast, or a person with a curious mind, you are bound to find something that will pique your … [Read more...]

Hottest Swimsuit Styles for Summer 2016


  Going away on a tropical holiday is never complete without a good OOTD. It’s about time you throw away that teenybopper, cherry-printed, ruffled tankini, as 2016 is the year for bolder, sexier pieces! PawnHero compiles this year’s hottest swimsuit styles that will warrant you several double-takes on the beach: Racerfront Bikini We’re sure you’ve all heard of the racerback back in the early 2000s. That fashion trend is back, only, it now takes a different form. Folks, meet the racerfront bikini. Especially designed to flatter your toned built, this bikini looks perf with your favorite G Shock. Halter Bikini The halter bikini is one perfect way to show off your to-die-for shoulders.  It accentuates perfectly-toned arms, and flatters almost any body type. Chambray Bikini   The only chambray/ denim piece you can wear to the beach is a pair of shorts, right? Wrong. You can totally rock a denim or chambray bikini on the beach! Basic Bikini The … [Read more...]

Cute Summer Outfits Inspired by Your Favorite Celebs


Summer is a lot of things—it is the perfect time to hit the beach, bond with friends and family, and of course, update your wardrobe. Why, you want the perfect outfit to show off that gorgeous tan! You don’t need a chockfull of clothes to look stylish this season. You just need a few basic pieces that you can mix and match to create a new look. Take a lesson from your favorite stars and look stunning in the following closet staples: Maxi dress - Slip on a maxi dress to look chic from day to night! Choose a maxi in a bold print for a playful look, or one in a rich, solid color, for a sophisticated appeal. You can also pair a plain maxi skirt with a top with an interesting print, to add more oomph to your ensemble. Little White Dress Just as the little black dress is the belle of the evening ball, the little white dress is the star of summer fashion. White mini dresses look ultra-sweet when adorned with lace or crochet details. Pair your LWD with caramel-colored sandals and … [Read more...]

A Girl’s Guide to Beating a Tamad Day


If this were a parallel universe, we’d be on the beach every day, basking under the glorious sun, listening to the calming sound of crashing waves. But in a universe such as the one we live in, not every day is a rainbow day and every now and then, we’ll find ourselves waking up on the wrong side of the bed. Much as we’d like to stay under the covers or escape to a faraway land on days like these, there are times when life won’t take no for an answer. On days like these, we are left with no choice but to get up, one tamad foot at a time. Here are five ways you can wing it ‘til you make your way through a bad day: 1. Listen to Feel-Good Music Playing an upbeat tune can actually make you feel a bit more positive. According to the Journal of Positive Psychology, listening to upbeat music with the goal of becoming happier can indeed help you feel more cheerful. Also, choose songs that can change your mood enough to actually make you dance. Dancing, or any form of physical activity for … [Read more...]