Uncovering The Psychological Secrets Of Shopping Sales


The season for those much-awaited shopping sales are coming right up your alley. Your piggy banks are ready for their sentence with hammers and your hearts are daydreaming that exciting shopping experience! Yippie! But wait a minute! Have you ever noticed anything fishy during sale periods? If you find out the marketing magic behind the catchy sale offers, would you spare yourself from the sale period spell? Well, before surrendering into the incense of shopping sales, try on pondering what we have to share. Afterall, we always want you to splurge money for something worth it. So, learn some tips from the psychological secrets of these shopping sales. The big 3-day sale announcements “Get these items for a limited time offer” “The big 3-day northern sale” “Christmas sale from December 18-23 only!” Don’t these hard-selling announcements just make you want to plan your calendars ahead? Don’t these also make you feel pumped-up with the great finds you’ll be able to … [Read more...]