PAWNINA TALKS: 10 Telltale Signs You’re Dating A Shopaholic


Hi there guys! Pawnina here! Dating is a crucial step on getting to know someone you like. At this early on set of a relationship, you both are trying to read one another, figuring out if you guys can harmonize with your personalities, sync with your interests, intertwine with your  . likes and dislikes and eventually hit off the road together. Of course, it’s really admirable to know the qualities of your dates as being creative, athletic, geeky, crazy, funny and all sorts, but had you ever had the chance to date someone who’s actually shopaholic? There’s nothing wrong dating a shopaholic, it’s a flaw that you’ll learn to accept. Shopping doesn’t harm anybody physically, but financially it does hurt and that could be a problem. If you’re a frugal romantic, these telltale signs will give you the heads-up to identify whether your date has a shopping addiction.   1) Shopping is their absolute stress-reliever You cannot deny the fact that shopping is a shopaholic’s way of … [Read more...]