15 Online Tools You Can Use to Monitor Your Budget


The Philippines ranked 68th in the world in terms of financial literacy in a recent study conducted by the Asian Development Bank (ADB). Lagging behind Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore, the Philippines was revealed to lack a national strategy for financial education. The study was further supported by a 2014 research by MasterCard, which indicated that Filipinos score low on financial literacy. Besides the Philippines, other markets that scored low on the financial literacy index are Malaysia, Bangladesh, Thailand, and Singapore. The Philippines ranked 8th among Asia Pacific countries. The need for financial literacy and planning has become more apparent especially in these tough economic times, as merely having an initial spending plan that can help anyone secure a financially sound future. With the lack of awareness campaigns on economic and financial awareness in the country, Filipinos should start to educate themselves and make use of available … [Read more...]