7 Money Habits That Make Millennials Richer


Are you a millennial who wants bigger savings but always ends up waiting for payday? If yes, you are not alone, and you better rethink your money habits now. A Moody’s Analytics study shows that people under 35 do not save and even spend more than they have. On the other hand, 55% of millennials would rather spend their money on experiences than material goods. Examples are travelling to another country or buying tickets for a concert. Of course, you deserve to give into your guilty pleasures sometimes, spend for once-in-a-lifetime experiences, and create fun memories you won’t be able to do 10 or 20 years from now. Who wants to miss out on life, right? However, living life as a millennial does not mean forgetting to save and invest for the future. Get to enjoy all the good things in life without going broke by developing habits that will make a richer you. Here are simple and easy strategies millennials like you can do to fill your pockets with bigger savings. 1. Believe … [Read more...]

Smart Financial Management Tips for the Upcoming School Year


So you’ve covered the tuition payments and you’ve created a budget you can totally follow. The key to financial success, however, lies in smart management of the funds in the day to day. It’s not as complicated as you think, and are actually easy enough to follow. Here are simple tips that you can follow in order to manage your money well. Tip #1: Keep Your Budget Tight Use your budget as a plan to keep you in the black. This means that you aren’t spending more than you earn and can live with. It also means that you are able to set money aside for emergencies and unexpected expenses. Living on a budget means that you plan carefully where each and every peso goes to when it's needed. Many people are too lazy to make a budget, thinking they can "wing it". In reality, a budget gives you the freedom to plan what you can spend, and avoid overdrawing yourself. Tip #2: Pay Your Debts Spending on a lifestyle you can’t truly sustain will catch up with you down the line. Smart money … [Read more...]

Kuripot and Proud: Budgeting Tips from Self-Confessed Frugal People


No one likes a kuripot person. They never seem to want to spend on anything. They always go for what is cheaper and more affordable. Getting kuripot people to say yes to a get-together takes monumental effort. They’re never ones to spring for a treat either. One thing that they, in fact, are is very good at saving money. In fact, they’re the ones who are NEVER worried when pay comes out—because they have enough set aside. If you, on the other hand, are constantly desperately in need of cash, you might learn a thing or two from the kuripots in your crew. We have one or two of those here at PawnHero and we asked them for the budgeting tips that will help you save more. “You’re not THAT hungry.” Admit it. Lunch is often not enough for you. In between, there’s probably a snack or two thrown in with maybe one more when you best friend invites you to the downstairs convenience store. There’s nothing wrong, of course, with a snack here and there. Unless, of course, you want to save … [Read more...]

Meet Pawnina – Your New BFF


  Hi, everyone, Pawnina Bayani here. I’m a 25-year old tech support agent. Just like you, I love to shop, dine, travel, and spend time with the people I love the most. I live independently in a cozy apartment that I’m renting out. I pay my own bills and I send money to my parents in the province. I may not have the most luxurious lifestyle, but I am able to save a few bills every paycheck. My goal is to live life to the fullest, but of course, while still catering to my needs and responsibilities. Not an easy feat, huh? I know many of you out there have the same plight as me—utility bills, rent, money, food, transpo allowance. I know everything can get a bit difficult to shoulder sometimes. And that’s why I’m here. I bring tips and tricks on budgeting and saving—basically how to better handle your finances. You can turn to me for practical advice on life, finances, anything at all! I've been there, and I want to share my experiences with all of you, to help you win … [Read more...]

A Beginner’s Intensive Guide to All-Inclusive Living


You work hard everyday for nothing more noble than the twice-monthly pay checks. Often, after meeting your monthly expenses, nothing remains for you to save. Unfortunately, that’s a situation easily echoed among our countrymen. Recently, the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas’ (BSP) released the results of its inaugural National Baseline Survey on Financial Inclusion, and what they found was somewhat disheartening. Sure, many Filipinos are aware of banks and the role those banks can play in mitigating their financial needs—or assisting with a long-term savings plan. Most Filipinos, however, shy away due to a vague, perceived sense of inaccessibility. In fact, many Filipinos prefer to get quick cash loans from a pawn shop or other informal lenders like the dreaded, motorbike-laden “5-6”. Living as many do on the very edge of potential hardship, it’s a very serious issue to consider. Everyone needs a helping hand and PawnHero looks at all the ways you can improve your financial situation … [Read more...]

2 Great Things About the K-12 Program and The Challenges They Face

School test

Beginning with the 2012-2013 school year, we saw an overhaul in the education system of the Philippines. We went from the long-standing ten-year program to the 12-year K-12 program. Many people naturally reacted to this change with a range of emotions from acceptance to shock. That latter mostly comes from the fact that extra years means extra spending. Even in cases where the public school system shouldered the brunt of the expenses, there are still books, uniforms, and allowances to save up for. PawnHero looks at two reasons why the implementation of the system is an overall advantage for the country, the challenges that come with it,  and how you can mitigate expenses. 1. A competitive edge To say that Filipinos are competitive is an understatement. Just last year, a 15-year old student won a bronze medal at the 2015 International Sustainable World Energy, Engineering and Environment Project Olympiad for his innovative biodegradable plastic bag. That’s frankly a boon for … [Read more...]

Drowning in Debt: A Cautionary Tale

drowing in debt

Today, we’re going to talk about “Angela”. A friend of mine, she’s as average a Filipina as average can get. She has a 9-to-5 job, works hard to provide for herself and her family, and has dreams of saving up for her future. She’s pretty much like any one of us—average and very relatable. Like many of us, she occasionally borrows money when the need arises—a medical emergency, a rush expense, and even when she just really wants to buy something. Unlike many of us, however, her debt has become so great that she’s actually drowning in it. A Really Big Problem It began when she “inherited” a debt from her mother at the company they both work for. Since her mother’s retirement, she continues to work—essentially—for free. That’s because her company withholds her paychecks to slowly whittle away at an over 1.3-million peso debt. Apart from the fact that that’s actually highly illegal—you can’t inherit debt per se nor can your paycheck ever be withheld—she also has no money to spend … [Read more...]

3 Ways to Mess Up this Long Weekend


After the early hustle and bustle of the first part of the year, our first long weekend is upon us—and admit it, you’ve been waiting for it. You have the Chinese New Year 2016 to thank for that, and don’t deny that you’d happily tell everyone how you’re half-Chinese if your boss didn’t let you take the Monday off. Most people like to look over the different things you can do to make the most out of this. We at PawnHero prefer to be cautious—we handle many a personal loan, after all. So we look at three ways you can mess up the long weekend and how you avoid them. 1. Bringing work home Someone once said that it’s better to work smart than to work hard. Part of that mindset includes using your downtime for, well, downtime. Bringing home your work, especially on the long weekend just essentially extends your workweek and cuts into crucial recovery time for your body. It becomes only even slightly worth the effort if you’re being paid for what you’re doing. If you really are in need of … [Read more...]

Top 4 Things that Affect Your Smartphone’s Appraisal/Resale Value

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Mention the brands “Apple” or “Samsung” to any Filipino and you’ll find a twinkle of familiarity in their eyes. Not all Apple and Samsung smartphones are created equal, though. So don’t rest on your laurels, count your chickens, and all that, just yet. Here are four things that you need to know before you bank on it for your next cash loan. 1. The brand that you bet on. A recent On Device Research study found that Samsung holds the highest market share in the country at over 43 percent. Apple also stands pretty popular with many Filipinos readily associating ownership of their iPhone with affluence. Unsurprisingly, smartphones from these brands command the highest resale prices. This becomes very obvious to anyone in the market for a second-hand older-model iPhone: those things still cost a lot! 2. The model that you have. Before you get all excited about having that Samsung Galaxy S Beam you’re keeping, you have to realize that value doesn’t just stop with the brand. The … [Read more...]

8 Money Mistakes to Avoid in Your 30s

8 Money Mistakes to Avoid in Your 30s

Are you nearly approaching that 30th mark? Just turned 30? Or already in your 30s yet don’t have any major accomplishments you can be proud of? If you’ve answered yes, then maybe it’s time to ponder on your expenses and make changes in your lifestyle. Know that your 30s is the period for focusing on your future, as you should already have an established career, on your way to becoming financially stable, and perhaps get married and start a family. But then again, financial mistakes are inevitable, especially during your 20s. Fortunately, you can avoid these errors by knowing how to manage your money well to achieve your long-term goals. Here’s a list of the 8 common money mistakes that you need to avoid, particularly when you reach your 30s. Having Credit Card Debt There’s no denying that credit cards can really come in handy, but not having knowledge on how to appropriately use it can result in having inescapable huge amount of debts that would haunt you for a long … [Read more...]