Food You Can Eat When You’re Fasting (Without Compromising Your Craving)

For the faithful, Good Friday is a day of mourning and penance, as it marks the death of Jesus on the cross. Many venerate the day by attending church services and by fasting. Fasting is the act of getting by with less. Those who are fasting are encouraged to eat just a single full meal and two smaller meals--enough to gain enough energy for the day. The smaller meals, however, should not equal a full meal when combined. Those who are fasting are also discouraged from consuming meat. However, there are many dishes you can still eat even when you’re fasting. PawnHero lists a few: Sarsyadong Tilapya – Fried tilapia sauteed in garlic and onions, served with a sauce made with fresh tomatoes and eggs Inihaw na Pusit (Grilled Squid) – Stuff the squid with a combination of onion and tomatoes with some salt and pepper. Grill the squid for 6 to 8 minutes per side. Serve with spiced vinegar dip. Munggo – Sautee boiled mung beans in garlic and onions. Instead of adding pork, add … [Read more...]

#TeamBahay: Family-Friendly Activities That Can Enrich the Soul


Lent is seen by many as a perfect opportunity to assess our spiritual health. During this season, we remember the immense love of Christ by contemplating his sacrifice. While Lent is a time to check our spiritual fitness as individuals, it is also the perfect time to check how we are doing spiritually as a family. Have we been letting Christ into our household? Have we been allowing him to work into our home and our lives? What have we been doing to pull our family members closer to Christ? Today’s families are faced with many challenges. This is why there is no better time than now and no better place than home to experience Lent. After all, home is where we rush after a long day. It is where we weave dreams, it is a safe place for us to unload our burdens and face our woes, and it is, ultimately, where we love and forgive. It is in our home that we most often experience salvation. In this post, PawnHero lists some activities that you can do at home, to help enrich the soul and … [Read more...]

Spread Love and Light in these 7 Organizations this Lenten Season

Happiness comes in many forms. For some of us, happiness comes in a new book read over a comforting cup of tea. For some, happiness is a table brimming with food—a debauchery shared with the people we love. For us who work tirelessly for days on end, happiness means a long, restful sleep over the weekend. Although sometimes, even two full days spent in hibernation isn’t enough to fully recharge us and make our hearts happy. This leads us to ask the question, what have we done to recharge our spirit lately? If you’ve tried every possible way to catch the ever elusive happiness, why not try volunteering? Volunteering means giving up a portion of your time and some of your energy, but in turn, you gain new friends and new learning experiences. For a bit of your time, effort, and love, you get to touch the hearts of people who will start out as strangers, but end up as family—and you get to leave your fingerprints in the lives of those you have touched. Wherever your passion lies, … [Read more...]