10 Budget Smartphones Starting at Php 6,000


As technology pushes forward, so does the user-experience. Not having a smartphone feels like not getting in touch with innovation. The phones have gone a long way from its humble beginnings fifteen years ago. Today, these superior gadgets offer myriad of stuff such as online shopping (Hello Marketplace.ph), online pawning (Yes, we have PawnHero) and many more at our palms and the comfort of wherever. Generally, smartphones used to be uber expensive (Ah, yes remember Nokia), but with an ever-growing competitive landscape and the need for fast communication, people can now experience smartphone luxury with a price that’s right on their budget. So, if you’re itching to have a superb mobile device, we round up 10 budget smartphones you can get starting at Php 6,000, check them out below: 1) Cherry Mobile Flare S5 Power (Price starts at Php 7,999.00) Sure an international-made smartphone is one thing, but a Philippine-made smartphone that can compete in the local market … [Read more...]

Latest Gadgets To Pawn And How Much They’re Worth


Pawnbroking has been around for 3,000 years! The history of pawnbroking tells that even England’s King Edward III famously pawned his jewels to finance war against France, and Queen Isabella of Spain is said to have put up her jewelry as collateral to fund Christopher Columbus’ expeditions to the New World. It has been providing loan emergency funds for people in need of financial assistance for so long! In the Philippines, there are many pawnshops as there are ATMs. The central bank reported that Filipinos are more likely to get loans. With that, pawnshops are widely available at both urban and rural areas of the country. No doubt statistics attest the important role of pawnshops to the financial lives of the Filipinos. Now, with everything digital, pawning has become more accessible with the rise of an online pawn shop called PawnHero. Unlike traditional pawn shops, PawnHero accepts more than just jewelry such as gadgets, laptops, luxury items and offers a much more convenient … [Read more...]

5 Hugot Feels For The New iPhone Launch


“Things come and go…. Just like your love life (Ouch, sorry)” Image source Feels, feels, feels. Who says it’s easy to let go? With everything new, even your relationship with your iPhone grows old...fast, just like how your ex moves on... fast! (Yes, we still wish you well, even though it hurts like hell) You have been too strong for too long, like literally! You’ve waited for too long, now you can cry, cry because the new iPhone is out!!! -or cry me a river because you just can’t take it in anymore, and you need to do is let it all out! (Hush, hush) In celebration for your martyrdom, here are 5 hugot feels on today’s iPhone 7 launch, because like John Green said “Pain demands to be felt!” (Boohoo) 1) Buti pa ang iPhone nagmamahal (At Least for the iPhone, it still gets dearer) Inflation and demand are to blame guys, that’s why prices are steep. Just like how we blame him/her for not loving us more than we love them. Leaving us to accept the truth than to demand for … [Read more...]

7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus


Apple does it again! As expected, the yearly iPhone update has been announced and the next generation of iPhones, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, are ready to hit the market. But don't be blinded by the flashiness of the dual-camera system and don't get splashed by the water-resistant feature! Before you jump into pre-ordering that iPhone, here are 7 reasons why you shouldn't buy the iPhone 7. 1. You just bought a new phone If you just bought the latest "S" iteration of the iPhone within the last 6 months, maybe you should hold off until the next S iteration comes out. The specs on the new iPhone may be better in terms of battery life (12 hours) and is now water-resistant (finally!), but it does not warrant for an immediate upgrade because aside from these cool new features, the phone functions are pretty much the same. Image source 2. You don't want adapters The biggest buzz around the iPhone isn't really about it's water resistance nor is it the fact that the home … [Read more...]

Upgrading to iOS 9? Watch Out for Error 53!


Apple has always been known for the top-notch quality of all its products. That’s why its resale or appraisal value is often very high. Coupled with a consistent, regular schedule of releases, they also sport long lifecycles. It’s really little wonder why people not only eagerly anticipate the releases of their newest models, but iterations of their iOS operating system as well. iOS 9 is the latest outing and it featured enough upgrades (both visual and functional) to get iPhone owners excited. Now, no new release is without its problems, for sure, but the recent reports of Error 53 occurrences has gotten many owners frustrated and flustered. PawnHero takes a quick look at what Error 53 is and how you can avoid it. What is Error 53? It’s hard to trace the very start of this whole series of problems, but an article from The Guardian seems to be the most popular documentation. The article follows Antonio Olmos, a correspondent on-assignment in the Balkans. He had dropped his … [Read more...]