5 Designer Bags that Are Worth Investing


A fashion ensemble is never complete without stylish accessories. For the ladies out there, it could be an heirloom jewelry, a lovely piece of scarf or hat, or an exquisite pair of shoes that complement the outfit even more. While clothing trends change rather quickly, the same cannot be said for quality accessories. That’s why it’s good to invest in top-quality fashion items that defy changing seasons and fads. There are designer bags, for example, that never go out of style, and even rack up value in an online pawnshop as time passes. If you’re willing and ready to splurge on fashion assets, the following brands and styles of designer bags might just be what your collection needs:   Balenciaga Image Source The Balenciaga label has been around since 1915—making it a classic in its own right. To give the vintage a modern twist, Balenciaga creators use soft and light yet durable leather to make an old, familiar thing look fresh and new. The distinctive leather … [Read more...]

Five Simple Steps To Grow Your Business


Planning your baby investment or delivering your first baby investment to this world can be both apprehensive and exciting. For all young and first time entrepreneurs out there, here’s how you can help manage growing that business so you can create new money from your new biz. 1) Know your purpose to determine your goals. The first step is to identify your purpose. This allows you to overcome hurdles when reaching your goal. Reflect on the question, “Why do you want to have a business?” “What business best fits your passion and at the same time deliver an income?” and “How do you see your business in the next three to six or ten years down the road?” This is very crucial so you cannot just make hasty business venture decisions. You don’t want to be that guy who knows where he wants to go but doesn’t know the reason for going there. Remember that an established foundation of purpose creates an unwavering stamina and determination to reach your dreams for your … [Read more...]

How The Golden Rules Of Investment Can Teach You To Prepare For A HeartBreak


Relationship is like a stock market, you invest. You invest feelings. You take the risk to put yourself in a vulnerable situation, like the market. But you trust, you trust that you can get through the ups and downs of a relationship like the fluctuating market conditions. You believe that you can control and you can get a higher return (of unconditional love) when the risk is lower (the ideal relationship)... but somehow like any relationships (especially for first timers), it is bound to get through a heartbreak. So just like a stock market, you invest. You invest your time, your feelings, your emotions, and yourself. Here’s how the golden rules of investment can teach you to prepare for that heartbreak.   1) Avoid the herd mentality. In investing, you should not base your decisions solely by what others are talking about. Do not jump into the trend. Just because everyone’s doing it, you should.  Like in a relationship, don’t let peer pressure decide when or when not to … [Read more...]