10 Surprising Things You Can Find Inside a Pinoy’s Pocket


I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of those “what’s in your bag” columns in glossy magazines where they interview A-listers, asking them about the contents of their purse. But then lists like these always make you think “if she hasn’t sold her soul to the devil, there is NO way that white iPhone case would remain that pristine.” These columns make you wonder if Lady Gaga ever uses wet wipes, or why Taylor Swift apparently has never had an upset tummy. But, really, what’s in our bags? PawnHero takes a more realistic look, featuring the common contents of a typical Pinoy’s bulsa. Memories You grab a pair of pants that’s been hanging on a hook mounted to the back of your bedroom door for quite some time. You forget that the only reason it hung there limply was because it was the last thing you wore to a date that ended miserably. You put your hand inside the pocket and find torn concert tickets (how could it have ended so badly when she pleaded you to go with her to that concert?), … [Read more...]

Beginner’s Guide to Stress-Free Budgeting


Let's admit it; Filipinos love to spend. We also love to plan get-togethers with friends and other gimmicks around our paydays. Whether it’s to play billiards, watch movies, or have karaoke nights, the mere mention of “sige, sa sweldo” almost, always, means it's a sure thing. Shopping and dining out also revolves around this bi-monthly phenomenon – we're millionaires for one day, paupers for 14. The thing about being financially responsible, though, is not just being able to spend for yourself and pay your bills, you also need to set aside something extra, especially if you have your own family and much more if you have children. How to Be an Expert at Budgeting – The Stress-Free Way! Learning how to budget (as opposed to withdrawing everything in your ATM account) not only allows you to cover all your necessities, it also gives you the opportunity to start saving. It can be a trip of a lifetime or a down payment for a new car or condo – point is, it's time to start acting … [Read more...]

20 Exciting Things to Add to Your Summer Bucketlist


There is no better time than summer to hit the beach. It’s that time to feel the tingle from the sand between your toes, bask under the sun and get a nice tan, to sashay in your new bathing suit, and to watch a beautiful sunset. It’s the season to enjoy watermelons, fruity sorbets, barbecues, bonfires and S’mores with your favorite people. With all the time in your hands, summer is also the perfect time to create bucket lists. PawnHero lists 21 cool things to add to your summer bucketlist: Go to a slip and slide event. Slidefest Philippines brings in a giant slide the length of 3,000 donuts and 10 basketball courts, and that's longer than the Eiffel Tower. That’s 1,000 feet of sheer happiness for you! Explore Baguio City. Okay, we know. This probably isn’t the first time someone suggested that you visit Baguio in the summer, but seriously, you MUST visit Baguio at least once in this lifetime and summer is the perfect time to do so. After all it’s not called the Summer … [Read more...]

Food You Can Eat When You’re Fasting (Without Compromising Your Craving)

For the faithful, Good Friday is a day of mourning and penance, as it marks the death of Jesus on the cross. Many venerate the day by attending church services and by fasting. Fasting is the act of getting by with less. Those who are fasting are encouraged to eat just a single full meal and two smaller meals--enough to gain enough energy for the day. The smaller meals, however, should not equal a full meal when combined. Those who are fasting are also discouraged from consuming meat. However, there are many dishes you can still eat even when you’re fasting. PawnHero lists a few: Sarsyadong Tilapya – Fried tilapia sauteed in garlic and onions, served with a sauce made with fresh tomatoes and eggs Inihaw na Pusit (Grilled Squid) – Stuff the squid with a combination of onion and tomatoes with some salt and pepper. Grill the squid for 6 to 8 minutes per side. Serve with spiced vinegar dip. Munggo – Sautee boiled mung beans in garlic and onions. Instead of adding pork, add … [Read more...]

#TeamBahay: Family-Friendly Activities That Can Enrich the Soul


Lent is seen by many as a perfect opportunity to assess our spiritual health. During this season, we remember the immense love of Christ by contemplating his sacrifice. While Lent is a time to check our spiritual fitness as individuals, it is also the perfect time to check how we are doing spiritually as a family. Have we been letting Christ into our household? Have we been allowing him to work into our home and our lives? What have we been doing to pull our family members closer to Christ? Today’s families are faced with many challenges. This is why there is no better time than now and no better place than home to experience Lent. After all, home is where we rush after a long day. It is where we weave dreams, it is a safe place for us to unload our burdens and face our woes, and it is, ultimately, where we love and forgive. It is in our home that we most often experience salvation. In this post, PawnHero lists some activities that you can do at home, to help enrich the soul and … [Read more...]

Spread Love and Light in these 7 Organizations this Lenten Season

Happiness comes in many forms. For some of us, happiness comes in a new book read over a comforting cup of tea. For some, happiness is a table brimming with food—a debauchery shared with the people we love. For us who work tirelessly for days on end, happiness means a long, restful sleep over the weekend. Although sometimes, even two full days spent in hibernation isn’t enough to fully recharge us and make our hearts happy. This leads us to ask the question, what have we done to recharge our spirit lately? If you’ve tried every possible way to catch the ever elusive happiness, why not try volunteering? Volunteering means giving up a portion of your time and some of your energy, but in turn, you gain new friends and new learning experiences. For a bit of your time, effort, and love, you get to touch the hearts of people who will start out as strangers, but end up as family—and you get to leave your fingerprints in the lives of those you have touched. Wherever your passion lies, … [Read more...]

How to Survive “Petsa de Peligro”

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Many Filipino workers dread when the payday falls under a Monday or Tuesday since this entails that they will go through the weekend without funds. This is the price that most people pay because they tend to splurge upon receiving their paychecks without thinking of spreading their budget for the next two weeks. But how do you deal with instances like this? Here are some tips you can apply on your remaining funds so that you can still have money until you get your paycheck by next week. 1) Bring the exact amount of money to work to avoid overspending. We can spend more if we have access to all our money within an arm's reach. What you can do is leave your ATM and credit card at home and bring the exact amount of money needed for the workday so you will not be pressured to spend above your intended budget. How can you spend if you do not have the cash or card with you? Just borrow money from other people if an emergency occurs and not just out of whim. 2) Catch up on … [Read more...]

Lifting the Masks: Here Are Your PawnHeroes


Unlike many superhero origin stories, PawnHero didn’t begin in loud, spectacular, or even weird (we’re looking at you Bouncing Boy.) At PawnHero, our “origin” has everything to do with the men and women who work hard everyday at different roles within the company. These are the people that make it all happen essentially. So, as we celebrate one year, we lift up their masks and proudly unveil their personal stories as well as the reasons why they’re so passionate about PawnHero. Desiree Villota’s amazing powers of invisibility means you can’t see her in the picture (it’s not like she’s shy or anything. She’s invisible.) You can feel her long-reaching influence as she helms the way through the intricate and complex world of business intelligence. Always one to seek ways of bettering herself, she took the job at PawnHero as a personal challenge. She sees the job as an opportunity to be at the very start of something. What keeps her fighting on when the challenges run high is the … [Read more...]

A Beginner’s Intensive Guide to All-Inclusive Living


You work hard everyday for nothing more noble than the twice-monthly pay checks. Often, after meeting your monthly expenses, nothing remains for you to save. Unfortunately, that’s a situation easily echoed among our countrymen. Recently, the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas’ (BSP) released the results of its inaugural National Baseline Survey on Financial Inclusion, and what they found was somewhat disheartening. Sure, many Filipinos are aware of banks and the role those banks can play in mitigating their financial needs—or assisting with a long-term savings plan. Most Filipinos, however, shy away due to a vague, perceived sense of inaccessibility. In fact, many Filipinos prefer to get quick cash loans from a pawn shop or other informal lenders like the dreaded, motorbike-laden “5-6”. Living as many do on the very edge of potential hardship, it’s a very serious issue to consider. Everyone needs a helping hand and PawnHero looks at all the ways you can improve your financial situation … [Read more...]

Inspired by Pope Francis: 7 Powerful Resolutions Worth Keeping This 2015

7 Powerful Resolutions Worth Keeping This 2015

  We’ve just said goodbye to 2014. As we march forward with the new year, we are greeted with pieces of advice from all places on how we could make our lives better. There are zodiac signs, feng shui, and even numerology to fill our wishes to see what the future may hold for us. Such insights to the future are nice to look out to but we are obliged to face the needs of the present and take control of it. To have a new year’s resolution is a great way of taking charge of the present while also being prepared for what’s ahead. A resolution for a successful routine is key to setting habits that could change one’s behaviour effectively. Setting a cue, routine, and reward is essential on forming a habit, whether it’d be eating, spending or just for the sake of reforming one’s way of thinking. The Pope is a prominent figure even among younger generations for his ability to break through social customs and ward off any intimidation for his authority. He had the genuine touch … [Read more...]