Keep, Store, or Sell? A Savvy Fashionista’s Guide to Updating Her Wardrobe


For a fashion girl, there is probably nothing more fun than updating her wardrobe. But elating as every unbridled shopping spree is, it may come with a few setbacks. One is the challenge of fitting your new loot into your wardrobe. Admit it. Some of the items in your closet are there only for sentimental reasons. Never mind if the pair of exaggeratedly flared pants you pleaded your Mom for 10 Christmases ago just sat in your closet collecting dust. Why, simply looking at it brings proud tears to your eyes, as you are reminded of how far your fashionista self has gone. Plus, it makes your closet look fuller, so why not? But getting rid of items that you don’t use anymore can signal the beginning of a more organized lifestyle. Letting some of your closet clutter go can actually help you save time, space, and even your sanity. Start organizing your wardrobe and your life by taking this short quiz: Now that you’ve sifted through your closet and freed some valuable space, next … [Read more...]

Meet Pawnina – Your New BFF


  Hi, everyone, Pawnina Bayani here. I’m a 25-year old tech support agent. Just like you, I love to shop, dine, travel, and spend time with the people I love the most. I live independently in a cozy apartment that I’m renting out. I pay my own bills and I send money to my parents in the province. I may not have the most luxurious lifestyle, but I am able to save a few bills every paycheck. My goal is to live life to the fullest, but of course, while still catering to my needs and responsibilities. Not an easy feat, huh? I know many of you out there have the same plight as me—utility bills, rent, money, food, transpo allowance. I know everything can get a bit difficult to shoulder sometimes. And that’s why I’m here. I bring tips and tricks on budgeting and saving—basically how to better handle your finances. You can turn to me for practical advice on life, finances, anything at all! I've been there, and I want to share my experiences with all of you, to help you win … [Read more...]

Pawn Loan vs Personal Loan: What’s the Difference? [Infographic]

Pawn Loan vs Personal Loan: What's the Difference? [Infographic]

There are times where emergency situations call for upfront cash, but not everyone has enough liquidity or money sitting in the bank to cover those needs. When this happens, Filipinos usually take on a personal loan from either a bank or a pawn shop, as these are the most recognizable lending institutions in the Philippines. How are they different? A pawnshop's core business is making collateral loans where the store offers loans in exchange for something of value. The pawnbroker offers a credit based on the item's estimated value and keeps it until the loan is paid. A bank provides personal loans but imposes stricter requirements, usually entailing longer processing time compared to a pawn shop. But the longer wait is offset by the perception that a bank is a safe and reliable lender. How do you know which one works best for you? That will depend on your financial circumstances and personal priorities, as well the requirements you have readily available. Another major … [Read more...]