Pawnina Tips: Here’s What You Can Do With Noche Buena Leftovers


Hey guys! Finally, Christmas has passed! Now, we’re only  a few days away until we bid adieu to the old year and feast to celebrate the new year! Speaking of feast, the post-celebration left us with leftovers that we need to manage. Now, it’s a no-no to just throw away what’s left or to let time do the spoilage for you! To avoid such leftover disaster, here’s how you can maximize food fun with all your sumptuous Noche Buena leftovers!   1) Extend gatherings. You can still continue to host a potluck reunion! This way makes it a lot more practical! You don’t have to spend new ingredients to make another dish but instead maximize what’s left of your Noche Buena! Admit it or not this can be a tradition, a post-holiday gathering!  But be sure the leftovers are still as presentable. You don’t want to look like you’re offering what your family can’t finish off. 2) Make everyday like your Sunday family dinner. Every night is like a family dinner on a Sunday thanks to our Noche Buena … [Read more...]