10 Surprising Things You Can Find Inside a Pinoy’s Pocket


I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of those “what’s in your bag” columns in glossy magazines where they interview A-listers, asking them about the contents of their purse. But then lists like these always make you think “if she hasn’t sold her soul to the devil, there is NO way that white iPhone case would remain that pristine.” These columns make you wonder if Lady Gaga ever uses wet wipes, or why Taylor Swift apparently has never had an upset tummy. But, really, what’s in our bags? PawnHero takes a more realistic look, featuring the common contents of a typical Pinoy’s bulsa. Memories You grab a pair of pants that’s been hanging on a hook mounted to the back of your bedroom door for quite some time. You forget that the only reason it hung there limply was because it was the last thing you wore to a date that ended miserably. You put your hand inside the pocket and find torn concert tickets (how could it have ended so badly when she pleaded you to go with her to that concert?), … [Read more...]

Meet Pawnina – Your New BFF


  Hi, everyone, Pawnina Bayani here. I’m a 25-year old tech support agent. Just like you, I love to shop, dine, travel, and spend time with the people I love the most. I live independently in a cozy apartment that I’m renting out. I pay my own bills and I send money to my parents in the province. I may not have the most luxurious lifestyle, but I am able to save a few bills every paycheck. My goal is to live life to the fullest, but of course, while still catering to my needs and responsibilities. Not an easy feat, huh? I know many of you out there have the same plight as me—utility bills, rent, money, food, transpo allowance. I know everything can get a bit difficult to shoulder sometimes. And that’s why I’m here. I bring tips and tricks on budgeting and saving—basically how to better handle your finances. You can turn to me for practical advice on life, finances, anything at all! I've been there, and I want to share my experiences with all of you, to help you win … [Read more...]

Are You Ready for the Election? Things to Remember Before You Cast Your Vote on May 9


Election Day is happening in four days. Are you prepared yet? PawnHero compiles a list of Dos and DON’Ts, when you cast your vote on May 9. 1. Prepare a list of preferred candidates. Educate yourself. Research on the platforms and achievements of the candidates. Prepare a list of your preferred candidates--one president and one vice president, 12 senators, and one party list. 2. Know your precinct number. Find your name in the Posted Computerized Voters List posted near the door of your designated polling place. Know your precinct number and sequence number. You can also check your precinct number online through the COMELEC website. 3. Fill out your ballot properly. Get your marking pen and ballot from the Board of Election Inspectors (BEI). Make sure your ballot is inside a ballot secrecy folder. Go to the voting area to vote. 4. Feed your ballot into the Vote-Counting Machine (VCM.) Feed your ballot into the VCM. Pressing the green (✓) button on the machine casts … [Read more...]

Beginner’s Guide to Stress-Free Budgeting


Let's admit it; Filipinos love to spend. We also love to plan get-togethers with friends and other gimmicks around our paydays. Whether it’s to play billiards, watch movies, or have karaoke nights, the mere mention of “sige, sa sweldo” almost, always, means it's a sure thing. Shopping and dining out also revolves around this bi-monthly phenomenon – we're millionaires for one day, paupers for 14. The thing about being financially responsible, though, is not just being able to spend for yourself and pay your bills, you also need to set aside something extra, especially if you have your own family and much more if you have children. How to Be an Expert at Budgeting – The Stress-Free Way! Learning how to budget (as opposed to withdrawing everything in your ATM account) not only allows you to cover all your necessities, it also gives you the opportunity to start saving. It can be a trip of a lifetime or a down payment for a new car or condo – point is, it's time to start acting … [Read more...]

Types of People You DON’T Want to Travel With


It is always nice to travel on your own, but most times, what makes a trip even more worthwhile is the people we’re traveling with. Bringing the wrong people along, however, is an entirely different story. We list the types of people who can make you say “I wish I had just traveled alone.” 1. The Polar Opposite Don’t get us wrong, it’s not impossible for two people with different personalities to get along. It’s just that, you could both want irreconcilably different things out of the trip, and this may lead to arguments. For instance, you want to party ‘til dawn, but your travel buddy wants to hit the sheets early or when you’ll settle with a cheap inn to stay within the budget while the other person insists on splurging on a cozier accommodation. Another frustrating situation is when you’re someone who values personal space while the other person enjoys invading other people’s privacy. Once he starts tapping you on your shoulder while you’re trying to read a book or looking over … [Read more...]

How to Get the Best Selling Price on Your Preloved Jewelry


Digging into your jewelry box and selling your preloved pieces is actually a good idea when you’re strapped for cash. A better idea would be to do your homework and discern the best way to liquidate them. Prepping Jewelry for Best Selling Price Do you go to a jeweler, a pawnbroker, or a diamond dealer to sell your item quickly without bothering about marketing? Or would an online auction like eBay or OLX help you get a higher pay? If you do things wisely, you might actually end up getting the best selling price for your preloved jewelry. Just before the excitement gets to you, it would be best to ground your expectations to reality. An heirloom diamond, for instance, could mean less to a potential buyer considering pre-owned jewelry is, by and large, not as valuable as any new item. So, before rushing to a pawnshop or an online marketplace, here are some pieces of advice to keep in mind to get the best price possible for your collateral. Get an accurate assessment of your … [Read more...]

The Ultimate Christmas Cheat-Eater’s Healthy Survival Guide (Part 3)

The Ultimate Christmas Cheat-Eater’s Healthy Survival Guide

Cheat-eating has been commonplace ever since diets have been trending. By taking cheat-eating into something more simple; something that could let you enjoy the holidays in a healthier way, we have explored some ways on how to develop a habit and how to tame one’s appetite when temptations are nearly irresistible. As a complement, there are also cheat-spending habits for the holidays when the line between reasonable offers and hyped-ones is in a blur. By following through one’s habits, rewards are a great way of reinforcing one’s desired changes in behaviour especially if it’s for one’s health or finances. Here are some ways you could reward yourself for successfully cheat-eating or cheat-spending the holiday season (and perhaps get that New Year’s Resolution rolling). … [Read more...]

The Ultimate Christmas Cheat-Eater’s Healthy Survival Guide (Part 2)

The Ultimate Christmas Cheat-Eater’s Healthy Survival Guide

During the holidays, being caught up in the annual hype of losing one’s eating restrictions is a common guilty pleasure. In The Ultimate Christmas Cheat-Eater’s Healthy Survival Guide (Part 1), we have learned that over 50% of one’s annual weight gain is built up during the 6-week holiday season according to the Human Nutrition Research Centre in the US. However balancing your raw appetite and self-control might seem impossible, a compromise could still be achieved. Prevention of getting over 50% of that added annual weight would always be easier than working your way to lose it in the following months. … [Read more...]

The Ultimate Christmas Cheat-Eater’s Healthy Survival Guide (Part 1)

The Ultimate Christmas Cheat-Eater’s Healthy Survival Guide

  The holidays are in. Here you are, ready to welcome the festivities with open arms while partially clouded by the nightmare of gaining weight. It’s a looming war between your discipline and appetite. The barrage of invitations from friends, family, and colleagues are simply hard to combat. The ability to produce self-guilt is low and the arrays of food servings are stacked high on your plate. This is not an unusual story of fighting for your health and surrendering to the immense amount of great food in the end. In fact, more than 50% of annual weight gain is said to be acquired during the 6-week holiday season according to the Human Nutrition Research Centre in the US. … [Read more...]

The 7 Ultimate Christmas Cheat-Spending Hacks

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Whether you’re a student looking for a gift for your block’s Kris Kringle or the new aunt worrying what to buy for her nephews and nieces, Christmas shopping is a conundrum we face every holiday season. Saving time, effort, and money is an ideal that’s rarely executed. Here are some hacks to ease your way through the holiday gift madness – have the checklist ready. … [Read more...]