Ho Ho Ho Christmas Spirit Profile: Who Are You Every Christmas? (Infographic)


Happy Holidays! Finally, the the yuletide eve we’ve all been waiting for has arrived in town! With reunions, Noche Buenas, gift-givings, Mariah Carey holiday songs, and more to mark the end of the year, the last days of December is really a season to look forward to. Since it’s the most beautiful time of the year to have that Christmas spirit, let’s bring out your holiday ego and find out who are you every Christmas below:   Ho ho ho! Now spread your Christmas spirit and make the final days of the old year count with joy, love and peace! If you want a hassle-free, convenient and easy way to get cash loans, then visit the PawnHero website to learn more. You can also have the pawnshop right into your pawn by downloading the PawnHero app. If you are looking to buy those presents , check out Marketplace.ph by PawnHero. Your online shop where authentic pre-loved items meet bargain prices. Don’t forget to like PawnHero Philippines and Marketplace by PawnHero on … [Read more...]

8 Financial Lessons That You Can Learn From Favorite Christmas Movies


Finally, it’s December first! We’re officially in the last month of the year! What else there is to do than make the best out of this holiday month! And marathoning those all-time favorite Christmas movies is one way to get all that hype running.   So, to help you get started, we list down favorite Christmas movies to get you cozy up on your jammies. These movies not only provide entertainment but also help you pick up financial life lessons that you can bring beyond the holidays. So, spare the spoiler alert, and check through the list and find out what these Christmas movies can offer. 1) Home Alone (1990)  Lesson: “Keep homes secure when you’re away for a holiday.” Generally funny, really heartwarming, and slightly sadistic, this 1990 American Christmas comedy film is now a real-good classic movie that has become a tradition to watch on our cable channels. The movie tells a story of the 8-year old boy, Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin) who was left behind when his family … [Read more...]