Stunning Santacruzan Gowns by World-Famous Pinoy Fashion Designers


In the Philippines, May is known to be the most colorful time of the year. It is the month of fiestas, signaling merry-making that lasts for several weeks on end. It is the month when rains begin to pour, relieving long dry spells, and allowing an abundance in harvest and flora. As a predominantly Catholic country, Filipinos show their gratitude for the beneficial rains by giving praises to the Virgin Mary. The Virgin Mary is venerated through a string of festivities commonly referred to as the Flores de Mayo (Flowers of May). During this time, church aisles and altars are decked by an array of beautiful, fragrant flowers. Townspeople, in their Sunday bests, gather in the afternoons to pray the rosary, and to share homemade snacks afterwards. During the Flores de Mayo, select maidens from every town participate in a week-long pageant called the Santacruzan.  The belles were chosen not for their looks alone, but for the way they embody the qualities of the quintessential … [Read more...]

#TeamBahay: Family-Friendly Activities That Can Enrich the Soul


Lent is seen by many as a perfect opportunity to assess our spiritual health. During this season, we remember the immense love of Christ by contemplating his sacrifice. While Lent is a time to check our spiritual fitness as individuals, it is also the perfect time to check how we are doing spiritually as a family. Have we been letting Christ into our household? Have we been allowing him to work into our home and our lives? What have we been doing to pull our family members closer to Christ? Today’s families are faced with many challenges. This is why there is no better time than now and no better place than home to experience Lent. After all, home is where we rush after a long day. It is where we weave dreams, it is a safe place for us to unload our burdens and face our woes, and it is, ultimately, where we love and forgive. It is in our home that we most often experience salvation. In this post, PawnHero lists some activities that you can do at home, to help enrich the soul and … [Read more...]

10 Pairs of Luxury Shoes Every Woman Should Own

10 Pairs of Luxury Shoes Every Woman Should Own

Some say that a woman’s best friend isn’t diamond but shoes. Some women collect an entire closet of them; others invest on a few good ones. Designer shoes don’t come a dime a dozen, but what girl wouldn’t squeal in delight for a pair or two in her shoe closet? No matter what your mood is at the moment or how your day is turning out to be, in season or out of it, you can never go wrong with the right pair. Here’s a list of 10 luxury shoes every woman must have: 1. Stuart Weitzman Dandyperf Perforated Oxford (Photo Source) This pair of Stuart Weitzman Oxfords is fleshed out in Ivory perforated Vecchio nappa leather with transparent rubber with lace-up closure. It’s perfect for keeping your entire feet comfortably covered up without getting too warm. The 1’’ flat heel gives that sense of elevation for those who are not used to perfectly flat footwear. The leather lining and sole, and the rounded toe make it very comfortable to use. As with any preppy outfit, go classic … [Read more...]