Pawnina Tips: Here’s What You Can Do With Noche Buena Leftovers


Hey guys! Finally, Christmas has passed! Now, we’re only  a few days away until we bid adieu to the old year and feast to celebrate the new year! Speaking of feast, the post-celebration left us with leftovers that we need to manage. Now, it’s a no-no to just throw away what’s left or to let time do the spoilage for you! To avoid such leftover disaster, here’s how you can maximize food fun with all your sumptuous Noche Buena leftovers!   1) Extend gatherings. You can still continue to host a potluck reunion! This way makes it a lot more practical! You don’t have to spend new ingredients to make another dish but instead maximize what’s left of your Noche Buena! Admit it or not this can be a tradition, a post-holiday gathering!  But be sure the leftovers are still as presentable. You don’t want to look like you’re offering what your family can’t finish off. 2) Make everyday like your Sunday family dinner. Every night is like a family dinner on a Sunday thanks to our Noche Buena … [Read more...]

Ho Ho Ho Christmas Spirit Profile: Who Are You Every Christmas? (Infographic)


Happy Holidays! Finally, the the yuletide eve we’ve all been waiting for has arrived in town! With reunions, Noche Buenas, gift-givings, Mariah Carey holiday songs, and more to mark the end of the year, the last days of December is really a season to look forward to. Since it’s the most beautiful time of the year to have that Christmas spirit, let’s bring out your holiday ego and find out who are you every Christmas below:   Ho ho ho! Now spread your Christmas spirit and make the final days of the old year count with joy, love and peace! If you want a hassle-free, convenient and easy way to get cash loans, then visit the PawnHero website to learn more. You can also have the pawnshop right into your pawn by downloading the PawnHero app. If you are looking to buy those presents , check out by PawnHero. Your online shop where authentic pre-loved items meet bargain prices. Don’t forget to like PawnHero Philippines and Marketplace by PawnHero on … [Read more...]

Your Spotify-Worthy Christmas Biyahe Playlist


Finally, Christmas is coming to town! But with the excitement to get to your Noche Buena destination, the holiday traffic and the Christmas rush makes it a long ride home. Now, to get you into the Christmas vibe here are 12 Spotify-worthy Christmas songs  for your biyahe below:  1) "Hallelujah" by Pentatonix This timeless classic by Leonard Cohan has been a favourite song to cover by so many artists and artists at heart which is a testament as to why it never ceases to amaze. With so many renditions, Pentatonix' version of the classic song is enough to bring out the Christmas spirit in you! The classic is part of the five-member American a capella group's 2016 full-length holiday album. Video Source: PTXofficial 2) "Oh Holy Night" by Mariah Carey You know it’s Christmas when the power pop holiday ballads of the undisputed Queen of Christmas herself, Mariah Carey, starts playing on the places you visit!  And the ultimate Mariah Christmas song that would send an echo of … [Read more...]

Last-minute Gift Shopping Tips For The Busy Millennial


With commitments at work crunching your “me time”  to go shopping presents, the too late clock makes it harder for the busy millennial to escape the Christmas rush! For a fast-paced generation, the holiday traffic is sure to add up to the frustrating roll eyes list as well! Now, to keep the struggle is real feeling at bay, these last-minute gift shopping tips can help you deal with the final hour holiday rush sale! Know your shopping sale hot spots From weeks of window shopping and glancing at sale signs that caught your daily life attention, it’s safe to say you have a mental plot for your go-to shopping sale hot spots already. Sure, the flea markets are the best places to buy great finds on a bargain, but sometimes you can allow yourself to be a little brand conscious! So, give yourself a free pass, after all, it’s the season of giving! Basically, your hunting grounds for shopping sale hot spots are at malls! Here are a few favorite branded boutiques where you can spend … [Read more...]

Reunion Party Games To Get Everyone In The “Barkada” To Participate


The location, the music, the food, the stories and of course the good stash of  drinks make up a good party! But to make all barkada reunion celebrations a blast, there should also be games to hype things up! To help you get started with the party planning, here is a suggested list of games that guarantees to get everyone in the circle to participate! Don’t worry, these games are just the icing on the cupcake because they bring out a galore of confessions, teamwork, laughter, and dares! All you need is a drink and that game face on! Image source 1) Be a team sport playing the “Beer Pong” One of the fun and popular drinking games is the beer pong! The game is a barkada game as it requires two players; the players could either be a pair or a group. The game requires a table. At both ends of the table, a pyramid formation of half-filled cups of beer are arranged. The game begins with the first team attempting to shoot ping pong balls into the opponent’s cups from across the … [Read more...]

Reality Vs Expectation: The Ugly Truth We Get During Holiday Reunions


The holiday season highlights a time to get together! Invitations are coming in and reunions are planned over social media group chats or a formed committee over hang outs. With everything going on, you expect yourself to come 100 per cent prepared! After all, reunions are there to make or break an impression and leave a reputation. Call it the ugly truth, but you knew this is coming. Here are really common reality versus expectation cases we get to go through during the holiday reunions. At least, one way or another, you are never alone with this experience. Case number 1: On weight Expectation: "Ang sexy mo na." (Wow!You’re looking fit!) Reality: "Ang taba mo na grabe!" (You gained weight!) Image source After graduation most of us get focused on other priorities in life that we forget to sometimes focus on ourselves especially our weight. But really, would weight matter when you are goal-driven with your career growth? Altho, this could also be a wake up call to remind … [Read more...]

Pawnina Tips: How To Win Against Online Shopping Scams This Holiday Sale Season


Hey guys, Pawnina here! As we all know, shopping sale season starts at the remaining months of the year. Now, we’re down to the last month! Both online shops and shopping stores are at their full force with their best offers. Since December has one of the most widely celebrated holidays of the year, we are more vulnerable to spend our holiday budget. Shopping stores are a safer haven to hunt deals, but shopping online does not guarantee the same safety and security you get from physical shops. Because we don’t want our 13th month pay, Christmas bonuses and hard-earned savings to go down the drain, here  are quick tips to avoid being an online shopping scam victim. So check the tips below win against those bad guys. 1) Read reviews of the online shop. The first thing you should do is to assure its reputation as an online shop. The more popular it is, the better. Otherwise, the less reviews, the fishier it gets. So, as it is online, you can check their social media accounts. It … [Read more...]

Crazy Fun Things To Get Your Mind Out Of The Holiday Traffic


Lo and behold, this year’s holidays fall on a weekend! For students, this won’t be a problem as they have their Christmas break- lucky them! But for most employees, this year just did not agree on a long weekend for the holidays! Hence, not so good news at all for the majority of Metro-residing students on a break, because a holiday traffic will just be breaking that break! So, for all those unlucky enough to expect the impending holiday traffic, here are crazy and fun suggestions we believe you can do while stuck on holiday traffic. 1) Bring your pocket WiFi. Thank the brainchild for bringing up the idea of a pocket WiFi! It's so convenient! You can bring one, anytime, anywhere, just like PawnHero! Now, If you have it, by all means, bring it! Having your internet data won’t last the dreaded traffic, especially if the data eats up all your phone’s battery.Speaking of your battery, might as well bring those power banks too! They’ll come in handy. Image source 2) Listen to … [Read more...]

Ultimate Christmas Movie List for Your Every Mood


Cold breeze, Christmas trees, dancing lights, shopping sprees, and countless Christmas parties waiting to happen—it’s definitely the season to be jolly! It’s also the best time to roll out those movies to hype the Christmas vibe. But, let’s not punish ourselves with the traditional ‘A Christmas Carol’ movie night with the family over and over again. To give the holidays a different flavor, PawnHero came up with a list of must-watch movies that aren’t as, well, boring as the typical Christmas movies we’ve already gotten tired of. Romance 1) Serendipity (2001) Source: Movieclips While shopping for gloves one Christmas night in New York, Sara met Jonathan. From then, they knew that what they had was something. They tested fate by splitting up to see if destiny could bring them back together. Many years later, both are engaged to be married after losing each other that same night. Will serendipity make its way to bring them back together in the end? 2) Love Actually … [Read more...]

8 Financial Lessons That You Can Learn From Favorite Christmas Movies


Finally, it’s December first! We’re officially in the last month of the year! What else there is to do than make the best out of this holiday month! And marathoning those all-time favorite Christmas movies is one way to get all that hype running.   So, to help you get started, we list down favorite Christmas movies to get you cozy up on your jammies. These movies not only provide entertainment but also help you pick up financial life lessons that you can bring beyond the holidays. So, spare the spoiler alert, and check through the list and find out what these Christmas movies can offer. 1) Home Alone (1990)  Lesson: “Keep homes secure when you’re away for a holiday.” Generally funny, really heartwarming, and slightly sadistic, this 1990 American Christmas comedy film is now a real-good classic movie that has become a tradition to watch on our cable channels. The movie tells a story of the 8-year old boy, Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin) who was left behind when his family … [Read more...]