Five Simple Steps To Grow Your Business


Planning your baby investment or delivering your first baby investment to this world can be both apprehensive and exciting. For all young and first time entrepreneurs out there, here’s how you can help manage growing that business so you can create new money from your new biz. 1) Know your purpose to determine your goals. The first step is to identify your purpose. This allows you to overcome hurdles when reaching your goal. Reflect on the question, “Why do you want to have a business?” “What business best fits your passion and at the same time deliver an income?” and “How do you see your business in the next three to six or ten years down the road?” This is very crucial so you cannot just make hasty business venture decisions. You don’t want to be that guy who knows where he wants to go but doesn’t know the reason for going there. Remember that an established foundation of purpose creates an unwavering stamina and determination to reach your dreams for your … [Read more...]

5 Attainable Strategies To Grow Your Income This 2017


There are two types of income; passive and active. For most Filipinos, their common source of active income comes from their monthly salary. It is steady and it is there, however, the growth of income remains stagnant. Now, the million peso question, “How to increase that income?” To help you get your millionaire success story answer, here’s a takeaway on five attainable strategies that are real and practical to grow your income this 2017! 1) Determine your expenses. The first strategy is to determine all of your expenses and to know where all the bulk of your expenses are coming from. Get the difference of your total expenses from your active income. Your active income is your gross income (the monthly salary), and the more expenses you have the less net income you receive. For example, if you are spending too much for a coffee from Starbucks when you can take a sachet of caffeine from your office pantry. So the goal here is to lessen expenses to increase your net income. That … [Read more...]

Smart Business Trends To Venture Into This 2017


For those planning to venture into the business side of life, there’s no better time to start than now. And if you grasp on the decision to finally do it, then here’s a well-deserved pat on the back for pursuing another source of income. Of course, trends do not only merely translate to what’s hot and what’s not, here we share to you the emerging direction of business trends based on consumer buying and lifestyle behavior. To give you a gist on smart business trends you may venture into this 2017, check out where you can begin delivering your baby investment in your life below. 1) Franchising If you want to play on the safe side on the business industry as a newbie, franchising would be a good idea. Venturing into this type of business is the most popular one because most of them have already established a name of their own. The Philippine Franchise Association or PFA saw that franchising in the Philippines has a 97% success rate. For the capital, food kiosks are among the most … [Read more...]

Pawnina Shares: Calling it Quits With Your Business Partner (The Right Way)


Hi guys, Pawnina here. Well, breaking up is not at all beautiful, we all know that. While some relationships endure a lifetime, other relationships will flounder just like business partner relationships. It will be obvious. You will feel it when everything is not working out anymore. So instead of creating a grudge that will run deep where it eventually fall into a lifelong feud, take the right steps to break up with your business partner. If it’s time to call quits with your partner, here’s how you should do it because it’s better to break up gently than ugly.  1) Communicate a lot and with honesty. “It’s not you, it’s not me, but it’s us.” Honesty is the best policy. You both should be transparent with all the plans and communication is everything! Much like a divorce in marriage, this is a step by step process. Nothing will be as easy as one, two and three, plus separating in a business relationship can be costly. A sweet reminder: Always keep a good tone, be … [Read more...]

10 Alarming Signs Your Business Could Be Dying


Businesses, eventually, they die. Not to be harsh, but they die in a sense that the business flopped or failed as a result. Not now however, but businesses will have its time and that bitter fate clings solely to its owners. Businesses don’t last forever, there's that, but they can stand a lifetime, two or more if lucky, and that lies on the hands of its management. If you want to know how to keep your business breezing from generation to generation, etching its name into success and staying there, then check out these alarming signs to save your business from the clutches of bankruptcy. The future is always uncertain. 1) There are more expenses than profit. Cash flow, we’re talking about the gains over the losses. If you are not earning any profit for your business; no high return of investment for your capital, you spend more than you earn, and sales are just poor, then that's a serious problem. Money is the lifeblood of your business. The reason it grows is because of the … [Read more...]

Six Brilliant D.I.Y. Project Ideas That You Could Do And Sell Over The Holidays


The holiday craze is asking everyone to jump in the bandwagon of planning parties, splurging on sales, and decorating homes. But there shouldn't be no pressure to spend like most people since you can also take the productive route to earn over your holiday downtime. Trust us, your creative license doesn’t ask much, because the only manpower you need is YOU! Hello to talents and skills! Now build a little company by the nook of your room and have a creative factory of a budding entrepreneur with these brilliant DIY project ideas that you guys can spare and maybe start selling over the holidays. DIY Project Idea 1: Artsy Watercolor bookmark Love painting? Well, you can get your hands to paint on artsy bookmarks. Bookworms out there have a thing for bookmarks (coming from a self-confessed bookworm). Plus, you don’t have to spend too much for the materials especially if you have them right now. They are basically school supplies on the art department. So, get those brushes … [Read more...]