#TeamBahay: Family-Friendly Activities That Can Enrich the Soul


Lent is seen by many as a perfect opportunity to assess our spiritual health. During this season, we remember the immense love of Christ by contemplating his sacrifice. While Lent is a time to check our spiritual fitness as individuals, it is also the perfect time to check how we are doing spiritually as a family. Have we been letting Christ into our household? Have we been allowing him to work into our home and our lives? What have we been doing to pull our family members closer to Christ? Today’s families are faced with many challenges. This is why there is no better time than now and no better place than home to experience Lent. After all, home is where we rush after a long day. It is where we weave dreams, it is a safe place for us to unload our burdens and face our woes, and it is, ultimately, where we love and forgive. It is in our home that we most often experience salvation. In this post, PawnHero lists some activities that you can do at home, to help enrich the soul and … [Read more...]

Inspired by Pope Francis: 7 Powerful Resolutions Worth Keeping This 2015

7 Powerful Resolutions Worth Keeping This 2015

  We’ve just said goodbye to 2014. As we march forward with the new year, we are greeted with pieces of advice from all places on how we could make our lives better. There are zodiac signs, feng shui, and even numerology to fill our wishes to see what the future may hold for us. Such insights to the future are nice to look out to but we are obliged to face the needs of the present and take control of it. To have a new year’s resolution is a great way of taking charge of the present while also being prepared for what’s ahead. A resolution for a successful routine is key to setting habits that could change one’s behaviour effectively. Setting a cue, routine, and reward is essential on forming a habit, whether it’d be eating, spending or just for the sake of reforming one’s way of thinking. The Pope is a prominent figure even among younger generations for his ability to break through social customs and ward off any intimidation for his authority. He had the genuine touch … [Read more...]