10 Must Try Chinese Restaurants In Metro Manila


With the Chinese New Year ringing in, what’s not to talk about our favorite go-to Chinese restaurants! From authentic Chinese dumplings on casual dining to street style dim sum treats, Metro Manila is a hunting ground for all those Chinese food cravings. To be your lucky guide, here are just ten must try Chinese Restaurants around the Metro. 1) China Blue by Jereme Leung If you are into that smart casual dining experience, why China Blue by celebrity master chef Jereme Leung is the place! Located at the Mall of Asia complex, China Blue by Jereme Leung is the newest and probably one of the most expensive Chinese restaurant in the country, also considered one of the premiere fine Chinese dining there is today! You’ll get a floor-to-ceiling glass window views of the Manila Bay in the horizon! While service is top-notch, plating is fantastic, ambiance sounds perfect, and the food is expensive but it’s worth the price! Their modern interpretation of traditional Chinese cuisine are … [Read more...]