Travel On A Budget Tips For Your 2017 Vacations


2017 is a year full of new adventures on your calendars. And since we’re still on the first month, it is best to start early with planning and budgeting for your vacations. After all, the earlier the better. To start your 2017 vacations, here are travel on a budget tips to make your travel money worth spending: First: Write down your bucket list of places you want to go. Much like a financial plan, write down the list of places you want to go. Include the months when you can file your vacation leaves and plot those with holidays as well. From there, narrow down your top five or top six destinations of your choice. Then, write down the corresponding budget you’ll need to allocate on each of the vacation spots. The good thing with planning is that you’ll have a clear itinerary of your wanderlust travel list for 2017. Image source Second: Know the season of the places you want to visit. Take note of the peak seasons of the countries or places you are visiting as peak seasons … [Read more...]

Pawnina Tips: How To Start The “New Year, New Me” Right


The old year may be both good and bad for some, but like everyone else, the new year is an opportunity. It is full of possibilities and challenges that should be exciting. And whatever you amassed last year, it’s time to look back, get rid of the old and focus on the “New Year, New Me” mantra. With a clean slate, and a full year ahead of you, here’s how you can start making everything right: 1) Declutter Your Home. It starts with  you. And what’s a better place to begin cleansing your spirit than your homes.Your home is your space. It reflects your personality, your life and yourself. If it is a mess, full of unnecessary things that you’ve hoarded from the old year, then it is time to declutter them. Get rid of the negativity, segregate the non-bio from the biodegradable trash, donate old clothes and old books and recycle what you can use. It really feels good to live and breathe in a clean space. Image source 2) Let Go Of Bitter Memories. There are two ways you can to do … [Read more...]

5 Attainable Strategies To Grow Your Income This 2017


There are two types of income; passive and active. For most Filipinos, their common source of active income comes from their monthly salary. It is steady and it is there, however, the growth of income remains stagnant. Now, the million peso question, “How to increase that income?” To help you get your millionaire success story answer, here’s a takeaway on five attainable strategies that are real and practical to grow your income this 2017! 1) Determine your expenses. The first strategy is to determine all of your expenses and to know where all the bulk of your expenses are coming from. Get the difference of your total expenses from your active income. Your active income is your gross income (the monthly salary), and the more expenses you have the less net income you receive. For example, if you are spending too much for a coffee from Starbucks when you can take a sachet of caffeine from your office pantry. So the goal here is to lessen expenses to increase your net income. That … [Read more...]

What Your 2017 Financial Astrological Forecast Tells You


It’s the year of the Fire Rooster! The New Year comes with the usual beliefs like reading the stars forecast through astrological signs and other soothsayer palm reading powers. While these forecasts are just a general guide and overview to help you get through the year, still there’s no harm getting a glimpse of how auspicious the next 12 months can be for us. Now, if you are more likely interested to find out how lucky you are in terms of cash flow, below is the following financial astrological forecast this 2017! ARIES “This year, Aries born signs will be blessed with good finances.” Image source New cash flows will be seen for this period. In order to make the best out of the financial blessings coming this year, it is advised to avoid being extravagant, instead focus on savings and investments. Ask the right people to help you with your money goals and revamp your budget when the need arises. As mentioned, your financial destiny this year is optimistic. Look forward to … [Read more...]

How To Keep New Year Resolutions From Becoming Broken Promises


Research shows that only 8% of people successfully achieve their New Year’s resolution! Well, great for them! While a big part of the population never successfully fulfilled their resolutions, it doesn’t mean that the percentage should demotivate you from getting yourself to fulfill yours. Now to keep your New Year's resolutions from becoming broken promises, here are effective ways to assure you would not throw your list in the bin again. 1) Make a list of SMART goals! Your goals should be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely.  For instance, instead of writing down a general and vague promise like say “lose weight,” be more specific! Rather put down drop 15 pounds by enrolling yourself in a gym for six months or by joining at least 2 running marathons a month. When your goals are clearer, it will be easier to accomplish them! Image source 2)  Start small, don’t slack. The first time, you let excitement write down your New Year’s resolution list. You … [Read more...]

Pawnina Shares: New Year Celebrations From Around The World To Amaze Your 2017


Happy 2017 everyone! Pawnina here and back to spread good vibes and financial wisdom through lifestyle, travel, tips, food and whatnot! To start the year fresh, it is best to wake up early, have a hearty meal, keep an optimistic mind and look forward to smile at the after holiday load, both at work and at school. However, with the celebration hangover present,you might want to get a head start with what went down in other places during the New Year countdown. This may be enough to spark your goals for the year ahead. 1) SYDNEY, Australia From the land down under, Sydney! Video source: Love Kids 2) London When Big Ben strikes twelve, London’s eye saw the Brits watching a spectacular display! Video source: BBC 3) Dubai  The tallest structure in the world and one of the richest oil kingdom there is, Dubai know how to greet a New Year! Video source: The Telegraph 4) Hong Kong Hong Kong’s waterfront illuminates with a dazzling firework display! The Victoria … [Read more...]