4 Best Places in Manila to Shop on a Budget


If the recent holidays left you cash strapped, it probably means you spent too much on shopping. While you can’t undo the situation now, you could at least avoid the same mistake in the future if you know where to shop. Manila, a shopping haven for all sorts of customers, is a good place to start even for those on a tight budget, just like many Filipinos who are always looking for cheap finds but of awesome quality. In our search for Manila’s best shopping places, we found at least four standouts which will surely indulge the wise shopper in you. DivisoriaLocated in the heart of Manila, Divisoria is a bustling commercial center where you could just plow along the streets to find low-priced, fair quality goods strewn on the ground atop sack cloths or housed in stalls. These hundreds of stalls are selling all kinds of merchandise—from footwear to clothes and fashion accessories and so much more, all sold in bargain prices for as low as under P100. No wonder swarms of people … [Read more...]

6 Expenses You Should Cut to Save More


Have you ever wondered why you seem to be forever in limbo with your finances? You have a budget, you stick to it, and you try to save as much as you can, so what are you doing wrong? The culprit in your situation may be those tiny expenses, some of which you’re not totally conscious about, that accumulate in unimaginably huge amounts. Now may be the time to review your financial habits—starting with identifying the expenses you could have less of to help you save more. Cable subscription Cable subscriptions cost P900 on the average for basic plans, but premium accounts with bundled internet services can cut you back by as much as P1,400. To help you cut down on your cable bill, you could either go for a basic plan, especially if you only watch selected shows or if you’re subscribed to an internet service provider, you might want to consider dropping your cable subscription altogether. Alternatively, you could register with video-on-demand services like HOOQ, iFlix, … [Read more...]

A Guide to the Best Investments for Every Goal You Have


Some people can get caught up in the busyness of life whether education- or career-wise such that they barely have time to plan for their future. It also doesn’t help that they believe in the principle of living in the moment.   While it’s definitely reasonable to enjoy life as it happens, you also have to think about settling down with your family sooner or later. If you’ve started small and smart financial moves right now such as online pawning, then you’re in the right direction. From a financial viewpoint, preparing for one’s future as early as now is much better than starting late or not starting at all.   When you’re financially secure, you get to enjoy and live life more fully. You don’t have to worry about major family expenses or emergency situations since you’ve saved enough in investments. A good investment portfolio that matches your goals and financial standing, therefore, should be part of your overall financial plan.   You may use the … [Read more...]

How to be Financially Ready for the New Year


Being financially ready is a sign that you're responsible, mature, and completely independent. However, it's extra special to be financially ready when the new year comes because it can be a part of your new year's resolutions. The new year symbolizes a fresh start for everyone, so now is the time to evaluate your finances and get yourself on track for 2018. Follow these smart ways to handle your finances this coming year. Assess Your Income Whether you’re a full-time employee, a business man or entrepreneur, or a freelancer, it’s important to assess your monthly income. List down all your earnings to determine how much money comes in every month. This will help you create and maintain a realistic budget for the new year. If your income is irregular, then list down how much you earned for the last three months to get your base monthly income. For instance, you earned Php40,000 in September, Php50,000 in October, and Php45,000 in November. Use Php40,000 as your … [Read more...]

7 Tips for Stress-Free Shopping


Shopping is something that we usually do to relax and get our minds away from stressful situations. But, as Christmas is rapidly approaching, malls and shopping districts are increasingly becoming tight and crowded. As much as you want to avoid the Christmas rush, you need to finish your shopping in time for Christmas eve, so you’re planning to just power-through and endure the crowd and traffic. But, you don’t have to because you can have a hassle-free holiday shopping experience with these tips. Make a List If you plan to hit the malls and just buy whatever you can find, then you may find yourself forgetting someone or something and end up going back to the store numerous times. So, do what Santa does – make a list of everyone you’d like to get a present for—from your co-workers and friends to the most important people in your life. Prepare your Budget Prevent yourself from overspending not only for gifts, but also for Noche Buena by creating a … [Read more...]

7 Sidelines for Extra Cash This Holiday Season


The holiday season is a festive celebration, especially for Filipinos who go the extra mile to make Christmas and New Year special for the whole family. Not only do we burn a hole in our wallets to give our loved ones Christmas presents, but we also splurge on festivities for Noche Buena and Media Noche. That’s why it’s important to have sidelines or side jobs that can help you earn extra income to spend this holiday season. Here are some ways you can make extra money this Christmas and New Year. Get Freelance Jobs It’s the gig economy, and there are hundreds of freelance jobs available on the internet such as Freelancer, UpWork, Fiverr, GetCraft, and more. You can be a web content writer, graphic artist, or virtual assistant. Ask your friends and colleagues if they know someone looking for part-timers as well. Join social media groups on Facebook and let people know that you’re looking for a job. You can also search job boards and social networks for freelance … [Read more...]

Best Christmas Gifts for Gadget Lovers


It’s the season of giving, and there’s no better way to do it than by picking out the perfect present for your loved ones. Before you scour the mall shops, e-commerce stores, or online pawning sites, make sure you know what kind of gadget a real tech buff appreciates. Here’s a list of Christmas gift ideas for your tech-savvy friends, family members, or significant other. It’s categorized to help you choose which ones your loved one would appreciate more. Laptop (Source) MacBook Air (₱53,990) The MacBook Air is one of Apple’s sturdiest mid-range notebook computers. It’s lightweight and boasts of a 12-hour battery life. This is perfect for everyday computer use, especially for home-based freelancers who need a reliable computer they can take anywhere they feel like working! (Source) Lenovo Yoga 900 (₱69,999) Lenovo is known for its forward-thinking designs, and the Yoga 900 is one of its sleekest 2-in-1 laptops. It also claims to be the world’s thinnest* Intel® … [Read more...]

The Future of Filipino Shoppers


Fueled by the continuing advancements in mobile and digital technology, the retail industry is being reshaped into a bustling online global bazaar right before our eyes, and more aptly in the palm of every consumer's hands.   The Rise of Mobile Shopping   The introduction of e-commerce 40 years ago has the paved way to a gradual but very noticeable shift in customer preferences towards online shopping.   Case in point, brands report 73% sales from their websites, a close race with in-store’s 79%, according to the PwC Global Total Retail Survey 2017. Surprisingly, mobile app sales pale in comparison to the two channels at 25%-barely beating catalog sales at 24%.   Heightened Customer Expectations   The PWC Survey gleaned that 37% of shoppers globally use their mobile phones to pay for purchases online, 44% use it to research products, while 38% use it to compare prices. With mobile shopping steadily gaining more traction, so is the … [Read more...]

Scary Financial Moments and How Millennials Can Survive Them


Halloween stories are aplenty these days. You might have that friend who has a third eye and sees things that are out of this world or one who keeps dreaming of being chased by zombies and wakes up with anxiety attacks for fear of the walking dead. OK, the second one is probably due to binge-watching on Netflix or your local cable. The point is, listening to these stories is enough to bring chills down your spine. Pretty much how you feel upon finding out that your credit card has been suspended, at a time when your days of absence at work are going to cost you major cuts in your next salary. Seriously, could things get any worse? That’s not quite impossible, especially if you’re part of today’s generation of millennials who may be too naïve to learn how to avoid the pitfalls of mismanaging one’s money. While financial problems could happen to anyone, you could make a resolution to be wise on how you spend. The goal is to spare yourself from coming face to face with these … [Read more...]

7 Smartphones You Should Get This Holiday Season


Everyone’s favorite time of the year is here! What better way to spend the holidays than by getting yourself or your loved one a new gadget? Smartphone companies have been adding new devices to their product lineup to lure customers into purchasing the latest phone iteration just in time for the holiday. We made the rounds to let you in on what’s the coolest gadget worth checking out this Yuletide season. iPhone 8 / 8 Plus   (Image Source)   The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are ditching the aluminum body for a glass back form factor to allow wireless charging. This technology can come pretty handy as you can still use your phone while it’s charging. You’ll also love the True Tone feature, which uses the phone's sensors to match screen color temperature with the surrounding’s lighting conditions. Your phone can determine the brightness and intensity of white light you need to help you look comfortably at your screen whether you’re in your bedroom or at the mall … [Read more...]