10 Cameras for Every Type of Traveler


We travel because we are never meant to stay put in one place forever. We travel in a finite world filled with infinite adventures. Of course, memories fade but to keep it lasting, we take photos to keep that moment frozen for us to remember. So, what’s a good camera you ask? Well, as a start, there are several types of cameras in the market namely a point and shoot, premium compact cameras, a polaroid, action cameras, DSLRs and the mirrorless ones. All of which has its own list of perks. As a traveler, you should consider what is most important to you - size, weight, price, ease of use and whatnot. Now, check out these 10 cameras and find out which best fits you as a wanderlust! Point and shoot camera Perfect for: The budget conscious traveler the light backpacker Remember the days of the digicam? Well, they’re still sticking around. Now, this handy dandy camera is as easy to use as its price. The point and shoot camera is perfect for a traveler who just wants it light (or … [Read more...]

Fast Cash: How to Get Away With Money Problems


You got 99 problems and money is one! While your diploma may have landed you a job, sometimes, it is not enough (let’s be honest). Getting into a financial emergency is the unlikely event that you want to avoid, if that happens, and you do not want to save your face from the embarrassment of IOUs, then we’re giving you different ways of getting fash cash for emergency situations. Check them out below: 1. Take those odd jobs. Look beyond your 9 to 5 job, because you still have 16 hours of your life in a day to spend - minus 8 hours of sleep, so you have remaining hours to make it as productive. If you have other skills you can use to earn, then take the sideline offers. There are unconventional jobs that pay good. You can babysit for your aunts and uncles, host events, be a freelance graphics artist or writer, cook or bake, whatever skill can be lucrative on the side, as long as it’s a source of income, then go for it. After all, they say, a typical millionaire has around 7 sources … [Read more...]

Amazing Places You Can Take Your Date On A Budget


  Still thinking where to bring bae on a date this weekend? Well, we can save up the decision making time and give you a list of five places for different types of couples to go on dates… all making your date savings worth it. For the adventurous couple: Mt. Pinatubo Nothing like heading out of town for a thrill-seeking adventure! For a really best budget and fairly easy trekking experience (let’s say 2 out of 10 in a 10-scale difficulty), then Mt. Pinatubo is the place to go! While the active volcano may had have a world-shaking 1991 eruption, it left a beautiful disaster! Nestled in Pampanga, the breathtaking scar of nature is a great adventure date for the free-spirited couple! The 45 minute 4x4 ride and a two hour hike may feel like forever, but it will be worth it! At the end of the road, you will get a stunning view of rolling hills and a blue green lake at the mouth of the sleeping crater. So, conquer the journey together! Image source For the … [Read more...]

8 Best-budget Laptops Starting From P10,000


What’s not to like about having in your hands the latest technology! Yes, it would take a decent amount of your budget to get that fresh off the market gadget which, frankly speaking, doesn’t come cheap at all. Now, instead of getting what you want, why not focus on what you need? A laptop that just suits your needs- professional, academic, and personal- can be enough. You don’t have to spend P30,000 to have a laptop, in fact for an affordable price you can already have a laptop with great quality performance! Check out 8 of the best-budget laptop brands you can buy now! 1) ASUS X453MA ( Price starts at P13,200) Perfect for the stylish user, this 14 inch notebook is fashionably available in a range of expressive colors from classic black and white to chic passion pink or lavender purple. This laptop is designed for everyday use on both work and play! Packed with 8 GB DDR3 of memory storage, high quality ASUS SonicMaster technology-enhanced audio and stunning visuals for … [Read more...]

8 Ways To Spot An Authentic Louis Vuitton [With Photos]


Considered as one of the most iconic luxury handbags in the world boasting of decades-old brand recognition, Louis Vuittons are among the favorites of copycats. Now, for those with an eye for fashion (or luxury handbags in this case), then spotting an authentic LV from a fake one is just a piece of cake. If you want to have your very own ubiquitous logo LV bag, then you have to learn how to differentiate a copycat from an original. There are ways to identify a legit LV purse through leather, stitches, linings, hardware details, monogram pattern, etc. So, to keep you from falling victim to oh-so called class originals, then here are eight ways to spot an authentic Louis Vuitton! (Photos show the details of authentic LV bag) 1) It begins with the dust bag. While vintage LVs (early 1980s) do not have a dust bag, the new LV handbags are accompanied by a dust bag. And of course! They have the Louis Vuitton logo print. Designs and colours vary but most often they are brown or tan in … [Read more...]

10 Patok Businesses You Can Start with Less than P10,000 Capital


Drumming your fingers and wondering how you’re going to start your very own business on the side? Well, what if we tell you with a capital as low as P10,000, you can begin venturing a small yet lucrative business! That’s right, with just the right determination, the right risk and the right passion, you'll be on your way to build another stream of income while keeping your day job or perhaps being a full-time boss. We give you ten really "patok" businesses that you can start with an easy-to-have investment. Check them out below: 1. Sari-sari store Estimated Capital Need: P5,000 to P10,000 Image source A sari-sari store never goes out of the patok business ideas and it is aventure that’s lucrative. With a possible seed money of P5,000, you can start your very own Juan or Maria sari-sari store. To have a fast return of investment, the best strategy would lie on product availability or making sure that your community’s initial needs are available in just a walk away. Of course, … [Read more...]

10 Money Advice from Billionaires You Can’t Ignore


Not all billionaires start on the crib with a silver spoon. Truth be told, most of them keep a “rags to riches” kind of story. The only thing different about you and them right now is your different net worth values, but you can definitely change that! If you’re working your way to be a somebody, struggling and juggling living through payday after payday, then maybe you need a little mentorship from the world’s billionaires. Here are just ten inspiring money advice you can learn from them below: 1. Money is not the sole thing to determine your net worth. "The reason I've been able to be so financially successful is my focus has never, ever for one minute been money." —Oprah Winfrey One of the most celebrated media mogul in the world is around 3 billion dollars in net worth! Oprah Winfrey is one among those with an inspiring tale of success. As the Queen of Media shared, you don’t have to equate your net worth to become financially successful. Believe it or not, some of the … [Read more...]

4 Ways to Invest Yourself To Success


You are your biggest asset! One of the critical investments that you should start doing is investing in yourself. Once you invest in yourself, a world of opportunities awaits you. Investing in yourself emotionally, physically, spiritually and financially, will make you become the best version of yourself. And when you are the best version of yourself, you will be an attraction magnet to success! Here are important areas in your life where you should be investing in yourself. 1) Invest in your health. As the saying goes, health is wealth. A good health is more valuable than money. Your health affects productivity, job prospects and development. A person with bad health cannot enjoy the pleasure of being wealthy. Take care of yourself and never skip a meal especially for breakfast. According to studies, breakfast is a critical meal because it influences you throughout the day, including how you perform physically and mentally. It is also important to note that eating organic and … [Read more...]

A Single’s Survival Guide To Valentine’s Day


Alert! February 14 is a nuclear explosion of love. Seek solace and comfort in a love bomb shelter! But wait, don’t forget to bring a bottle of champagne and pour it on a flute glass (yes, a celebratory glass), because here’s a really great toast to all singles who love themselves more and who know how to live independently! Bitter aside, the heart’s day is gonna be an amusing day of showing affection and admiration. Now, instead of sheltering yourself from Valentine’s bombs and turning into an ugly bitter betty this V-day, here’s a really smart survival guide to heart’s day below: 1) Go out and celebrate love! Love comes in all forms, your relationship status should not be a sorrowful one, and hey, there are millions out there just like you, so you are not alone in this game. But if you are making a sarcastic statement, you can go to the Hugot Cafe to shove Valentine’s day that the joke’s on you. 2) Get all the love you need. Remember, rations of sweetness will ran out that day, … [Read more...]