10 Ways to Spice Up Your Routine During Self-Quarantine

10 Ways to Spice Up Your Routine During Self-Quarantine

  There’s no denying that public health crises, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, have caused big changes to the people’s lifestyles. To minimize the risk of infection, everyone is highly encouraged to practice social distancing and to spend the majority of their waking hours inside their homes. However, even though many are staying in the comfort of their humble abodes, it’s no secret that spending countless days cooped up at home also comes with its own set of challenges. During this period, it’s incredibly easy to just go with the flow and embrace disorder. While a pandemic is a circumstance that is not under your control, you still have the power to make the quarantine period more pleasant and productive. The guide below will discuss several things you can do to spice up your routine during self-quarantine. 10 Ways to Spice Up Your Self-Quarantine Routine 1. Give structure to your day Being under lockdown doesn’t mean that you should stop following a routine. Even … [Read more...]

Easy Ways to Make Money on a Rainy Day


The rainy season is here! As the “bed weather” days are coming our way, it’s so tempting to stay under the sheets and do nothing all day. Then again, daily and monthly expenses such as groceries, utilities, and bills never stop even when the rain is strong and the roads are flooded. So, what can you do during rainy days to earn extra money? Remember that every hour you spend idle is money lost. Whether you’re a full-time employee with free time after work or a student trying to earn extra income, you can try different ways to make money during rainy days. This can let you start working towards financial independence or save up for that dream vacation. 1. Do some freelance work. There are a lot of websites nowadays that you can join to venture into freelancing work. Apart from freelancing being a great way to earn extra cash, it can also turn out as a full-time job for you that earns much more than your current paycheck. Make a list of all your skills according to the area … [Read more...]

How To Make Cash Out of Selling Sweets, Cakes and Candies


"Let them eat cake." -Marie Antoinette Drumming your fingers thinking of what may be profitable on the side? You don't have to go far, sometimes you can just  add a little sweetness into your life by making out cash from selling sweets, cakes and candies! Yes! You can make money out of them! Plus, this is a super low-cost business that's not really hard to pull off! The only ingredients you need to make this a worthwhile sideline is the passion, determination and perseverance of a budding entrepreneur. And if you are so keen to be everyone's sweet tooth fairy, here's how you can start making cash out of selling the very reason of our childhood cavities! 1) Get a taste of feedback about your sweets, cakes and candies first. Ask your friends, colleagues, and peers how they find your recipe! They are the closest subjects to know what your future customers like. Gather as much sweet information and comments as you can. From there, you can use their comments, requests and feedback as … [Read more...]

10 Movies That Can Inspire You To Be A Business-Minded Millennial


Go to school they say, graduate they say, get a job they say, and you will be alright they say. But, in truth, life is more than just a boring and systematic 9 to 5 job. What other choices do you have other than working for a living? Well, there are endless choices. But you choose to be an employee, to work for someone, to hope to climb the corporate ladder, and be on top of the game. While that goal is smart, you’re just among the hundreds of hopefuls racing to get there. What makes you any different? What makes you stand out? Did it ever hit you that you would be working for the rest of your life? All that skills and talents get you paid to do the job. Let us tell you something, you don’t have to. You only live once (YOLO!) and you don’t have to live a life to make someone richer than you or the richest among all of you. Now, if you have that dream to run your own business or if it ever slightly enter your mind to be an entrepreneur, then here are 10 movies that can really inspire … [Read more...]

What Your 2017 Financial Astrological Forecast Tells You


It’s the year of the Fire Rooster! The New Year comes with the usual beliefs like reading the stars forecast through astrological signs and other soothsayer palm reading powers. While these forecasts are just a general guide and overview to help you get through the year, still there’s no harm getting a glimpse of how auspicious the next 12 months can be for us. Now, if you are more likely interested to find out how lucky you are in terms of cash flow, below is the following financial astrological forecast this 2017! ARIES “This year, Aries born signs will be blessed with good finances.” Image source New cash flows will be seen for this period. In order to make the best out of the financial blessings coming this year, it is advised to avoid being extravagant, instead focus on savings and investments. Ask the right people to help you with your money goals and revamp your budget when the need arises. As mentioned, your financial destiny this year is optimistic. Look forward to … [Read more...]

Your Spotify-Worthy Christmas Biyahe Playlist


Finally, Christmas is coming to town! But with the excitement to get to your Noche Buena destination, the holiday traffic and the Christmas rush makes it a long ride home. Now, to get you into the Christmas vibe here are 12 Spotify-worthy Christmas songs  for your biyahe below:  1) "Hallelujah" by Pentatonix This timeless classic by Leonard Cohan has been a favourite song to cover by so many artists and artists at heart which is a testament as to why it never ceases to amaze. With so many renditions, Pentatonix' version of the classic song is enough to bring out the Christmas spirit in you! The classic is part of the five-member American a capella group's 2016 full-length holiday album. Video Source: PTXofficial 2) "Oh Holy Night" by Mariah Carey You know it’s Christmas when the power pop holiday ballads of the undisputed Queen of Christmas herself, Mariah Carey, starts playing on the places you visit!  And the ultimate Mariah Christmas song that would send an echo of … [Read more...]

Pawnina Shares: 10 Common Gifts From Our Secret Santa That Kinda Surprise Us


Hey guys! Pawnina here! Christmas is just a few days away and the gift-giving is at its peak! Now, if you can just count the gifts you received year after year from school to the corporate world, imagine the mugs, handkerchiefs, wallets and other cliche’ stuff we get from our Secret Santa. To say the least, there’s still some thought put into it. If you are in a last-minute rush to give your “Monito or Monita” the surprise gifts, try not to consider these last-resort presents, but if all else fails, then go for these Secret Santa gift ideas. 1) Coffee Mugs The top on this list are the coffee mugs. How many mugs have you received all through out? You should have probably kept a shelf and collect the mugs you got for a present. You might be surprise you’ll eventually fill up the shelf with boring, cute, artsy, and everyday mugs!  Still, different mugs are collectively instagrammable on the side. These mugs are easy to find during Christmas considering they’re budget-friendly … [Read more...]

Noche Buena Favorites You Can’t Wait To Chow Down This Christmas


What makes Christmas eve something to look forward to? The food, of course! The thought of those home-cooked holiday specialty of your grandma, your mama, your papa or whoever is the talented house chef excites  your taste buds and tummy-rumbling Christmas spirit! Aside from those specialties comes your favorite Noche Buena dishes! A staple menu that you always look forward to every December 25th! Now with only a few days away, you can’t wait to have a taste of Christmas, literally. Below is a list that will make your Christmas cravings a serious problem that needs kitchen attention. 1) Macaroni Salad/Fruit Salad The dessert that never leaves the Pinoy Christmas feast is the favorite salad. Like most desserts, this dish is best served cold. The sweet taste of macaroni salad, fruit salad or buko salad will make your Christmas hunger satisfied! Image source 2) Rice cakes or Pinoy desserts Of course, while we get an influence of Italian, Spanish and American flavors on … [Read more...]

10 Productive Things You Can Do Over Christmas Break


After a year at work or a full semester at school, all you can think of over holiday break is to have that laid back siesta! But hey, don’t sleep on this fun season of the year. What’s a break if you don’t have fun with it? So make your Christmas break worth it with these productive things to do below: 1) Go Christmas Caroling. As it is the yuletide season, why not go out in the open to spread the holiday cheer and relive those old days caroling around your neighborhood. It’s a fun way to start your Christmas break. Image source 2) Volunteer This Season. It is the season of giving so why not live up to it. Be a Holiday Hero and give back before folding into a New Year. There are a number of volunteer organizations that needs a helping heart. Image source 3) Exercise. With celebrations filling up your schedule, expect yourself to fatten up. Instead of going to the buffet route, try balancing both food and fitness. You can take the chance to go on mountain climbing, bike … [Read more...]

Reality Vs Expectation: The Ugly Truth We Get During Holiday Reunions


The holiday season highlights a time to get together! Invitations are coming in and reunions are planned over social media group chats or a formed committee over hang outs. With everything going on, you expect yourself to come 100 per cent prepared! After all, reunions are there to make or break an impression and leave a reputation. Call it the ugly truth, but you knew this is coming. Here are really common reality versus expectation cases we get to go through during the holiday reunions. At least, one way or another, you are never alone with this experience. Case number 1: On weight Expectation: "Ang sexy mo na." (Wow!You’re looking fit!) Reality: "Ang taba mo na grabe!" (You gained weight!) Image source After graduation most of us get focused on other priorities in life that we forget to sometimes focus on ourselves especially our weight. But really, would weight matter when you are goal-driven with your career growth? Altho, this could also be a wake up call to remind … [Read more...]