Identify and Avoid Loan Scams: Here’s How


Loan scams are rampant everywhere. These may involve payment of fees for a loan that “lenders” promise to grant, but result in fraud or taking something from you either in the form of cash or personal information in the end. But no matter how much you warn people about loan scams, a significant number of people still fall prey to this fraudulent act. And the reason is quite simple: people dealing with money problems can easily get swayed by all kinds of deals. Further, since many loan scams transpire online nowadays, Malaysians are dubbed to be the most vulnerable to being victimized. A survey made found that almost 50 percent of the respondents have had a history of getting tricked by fraudulent practices on the internet. In the Philippines, economic and cyber crimes are prevalent, too—with reports saying that the country ranked seventh as the most attacked country on the mobile platform. Despite the bleak scenario, there are signs that give away that you may be dealing with … [Read more...]

A Millennial Guide to Getting Personal Loan

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  #Adulting has been a buzzword among the millennials, and is often used in a witty way to mean taking charge of your own life, doing grown-up things, and holding responsibilities. From having a job, paying bills, ensuring that your car is in good, working condition, undergoing certain medical procedures, planning some home improvement activities, achieving financial independence, and so forth. But if you would be honest, #adulting is so much more than a millennial jargon. It’s an inescapable reality just like having expanding waistlines and thinning hair, and admittedly, it’s no less scary than the latter two. Unfortunately, there’s no denying that only a few grew up truly prepared to #adult, particularly when it comes to handling finances. As a Filipino millennial yourself, you know very well that you still have a lot to learn when it comes to your financial health and spending habits. More so, that it takes time to truly take control over this large part of your … [Read more...]

Pawnina Tips: How To Save Yourself from Credit Card Debt


Hi guys, Pawnina here! There are at least 7 million actual credit card holders in the Philippines as of 2015, according to data from the Credit Card Association of the Philippines and statistics from the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas reveal that credit card debt in the country reached P157.34 billion in 2014. A really alarming figure considering that Filipinos are averse to credit cards. These wallet-sized shiny plastics hold great purchasing power, and with great power comes great responsibility. While credit card can be a good source for immediate cash, it is still money you owed from the bank. Being irresponsible with managing your credit card debts can mean dire consequences. For those indebted by the cards, take the time to read smart tips from moi to liberate yourself from credit card debt! 1. Resolve one debt at a time. Carrying more than one credit card debt can be so heavy in your near-empty wallets. What you have to do is to resolve one debt at a time. It is advised to pay … [Read more...]

Fast Cash: How to Get Away With Money Problems


You got 99 problems and money is one! While your diploma may have landed you a job, sometimes, it is not enough (let’s be honest). Getting into a financial emergency is the unlikely event that you want to avoid, if that happens, and you do not want to save your face from the embarrassment of IOUs, then we’re giving you different ways of getting fash cash for emergency situations. Check them out below: 1. Take those odd jobs. Look beyond your 9 to 5 job, because you still have 16 hours of your life in a day to spend - minus 8 hours of sleep, so you have remaining hours to make it as productive. If you have other skills you can use to earn, then take the sideline offers. There are unconventional jobs that pay good. You can babysit for your aunts and uncles, host events, be a freelance graphics artist or writer, cook or bake, whatever skill can be lucrative on the side, as long as it’s a source of income, then go for it. After all, they say, a typical millionaire has around 7 sources … [Read more...]

10 Money Advice from Billionaires You Can’t Ignore


Not all billionaires start on the crib with a silver spoon. Truth be told, most of them keep a “rags to riches” kind of story. The only thing different about you and them right now is your different net worth values, but you can definitely change that! If you’re working your way to be a somebody, struggling and juggling living through payday after payday, then maybe you need a little mentorship from the world’s billionaires. Here are just ten inspiring money advice you can learn from them below: 1. Money is not the sole thing to determine your net worth. "The reason I've been able to be so financially successful is my focus has never, ever for one minute been money." —Oprah Winfrey One of the most celebrated media mogul in the world is around 3 billion dollars in net worth! Oprah Winfrey is one among those with an inspiring tale of success. As the Queen of Media shared, you don’t have to equate your net worth to become financially successful. Believe it or not, some of the … [Read more...]

A Young Millennial’s Guide On Starting A Business


Millennials (defined as today’s 18 to 34 year olds) are a different breed of generation. They are more confident, really task-focused, and downright articulate. The millennials are the kind of people who will resign if they don’t feel fulfilled in their job and even if there’s no job lined up for them. They are after self-fulfillment, as having such means a strong and solid security. Plus, millennials have the ambition to eventually set up their own business to be their own boss. Now, if you have the millennial-driven attitude to take risk and jump into the uncertain entrepreneurial road, then here’s a guide for all of you aspiring young business-minded yuppie on starting your business venture. 1) First, listen to problems and think of creative solutions. The market is really competitive, so, what’s something you can offer in a pure competitive market? What makes your business idea stand out? Now, that gets you thinking, here’s the trick: listen closely to all the rants, problems … [Read more...]

8 Must-Read Motivational Books To Make You Financially Successful


“The poor and middle class work hard for their money. The Rich have their money work hard for them.” -Rich Dad, Poor Dad Financial literacy is wired to success. If you know how to use money... the rich way, then a secured financial future is right on your alley. However, most people use their money, the poor way. They spend, save a little, spend, spend, and spend. Getting out the rat race should be the goal. The rat race is a paycheck after paycheck lifestyle with debts, meager income, no investments, poor networth and little savings. But, don’t feel demotivated,  the way to get out of the rat race is to begin to seeing money and finances in a whole new way. And what’s a best way to start the road to success than reading. Now, these 8 inspiring books would motivate you in the right race track to the millionaire's finish line. 1) Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki “The biggest difference I see between The Rich and the poor or middle class, is financial education and how … [Read more...]

Pawnina Shares: 8 Bad Business Habits Every Young Entrepreneurs Should Avoid


Hey guys, Pawnina here! We’re ending the first month of January with so much to look forward to, maybe, even starting your own business this year or getting an investment as well just might do! Speaking of business, if you’re considering packing up your 9-5 jobs for an entrepreneurial lifestyle as a start this 2017, then great for you! But before you make such a bold move, heed this list of bad business habits first. As a soon-to-be young entrepreneur, you ought to know what to avoid and what to work on to make the capital a worthwhile investment. 1) “Analysis Paralysis” With an eager motivation to start the business, it is most likely you will encounter Analysis Paralysis. This is a state of over analyzing or over thinking. Because of this, a situation or decision sometimes. When you overthink of an idea and it takes time to start it, others may be ahead of you. You don’t want that. To keep from over thinking, start writing down to clear your mind and plan where to start … [Read more...]

How To Increase Your Financial I.Q.


No one’s a financial prodigy at birth. Being financially literate is not a talent but a skill that’s supposed to be honed at an early age. But you don’t have to worry, being financially savvy can come with maturity. It’s just an advantage for those who already had have an understanding of money management at a young age. It’s never too late for everyone, that’s for sure. If you are too worn out living a lifestyle where you have to tightly budget everything, then we bet it has something to do with your financial I.Q. You just don't know how to manage your finances and that's a problem! An epidemic for most. Now, in order to be successful,  you should first get to be a financial Einstein.  And here are really good tips that just do the trick! 1) Read books. Books, magazines, online articles, financial blogs, everything is already served in front of you. Take advantage and read what you can. Reading helps expand your financial knowledge. While you find books of fiction, novels of … [Read more...]

What Your Chinese Horoscope Tells About Your Financial Luck This Year Of The Rooster


Kung Hei Fat Choi! With special Tikoys (rice cake), ampaos (Chinese red envelopes), mooncakes, Feng Shui traditions, dragon dances and other luck-filled beliefs and charms the Chinese New Year brings, another sought after fortune telling practice is through the famous Chinese horoscopes. Now, to give you a heads up of your financial luck this "Year of the Rooster," read what your Chinese horoscope shares below: RAT “This year sees no serious financial loss for those under the Rat sign.” Image source However, if you’re planning to make an investment, now is not the time. But it doesn’t mean you don’t have to, if you are seriously considering an investment, it is best to study your investment extensively! Plus, avoid unnecessary expenses and borrowing money from others instead focus to have emergency cash! Don’t worry, an increase of income is likely to happen at the later months of the year. So, the meantime, be patient and be wise in managing your finances.    OX “The OX … [Read more...]