How to Secure Your Future with a College Scholarship


Whether you’re a Grade 12 student looking for ways to secure a college education or a college freshman who just realized that you want to help your parents, there’s a scholarship program that you can apply to. Applying to college scholarship programs is not as easy as one may think for the primary reason that scholarships are bestowed to exemplary students and talented individuals. The goal of these programs is to make sure that financial aid is awarded to the most deserving students. Students and their families need to know what to do to find the best program, and how they can apply for it. We’ve created a guide to help you through the process of getting a college scholarship. 1. Look for the scholarship program that best fits your needs and situation. So, you’ve decided to actually go for it. Now, it’s time to look for the scholarship program that can best fit your situation. If you’re an exemplary student with consistently high grades, you can look for academic … [Read more...]

5 Best Ways to Help You Pay Your Tuition Fees

As tuition fees hike every year, it is increasingly difficult for some students and families to pay for their education. On May 29, 2017, the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) approved the tuition fee increase of 268 private colleges and universities for school year 2017-2018. The average increase in fees is slated at 6.9% or ₱86.68 per unit. Whether you’re a new couple preparing for your baby’s future, a parent struggling to pay for your child’s education, or a working student trying to make ends meet, you have multiple options available for you. You can save money, adjust your budget, apply for a scholarship, get a bank loan, or go to an online pawnshop to get funding. We’ve gathered the best tips to help you pay for your or your child’s tuition fees. Read on to learn more. 1. Save early. This is the golden rule for anything that has to do with a big purchase or investment. Determine how much you need every year, plan ahead, and structure your finances early on so that by … [Read more...]

LOOK: Thirteen Fast Facts About The 13th Month Pay


Call it Christmas bonuses or a salary blessing, but the 13th month pay is a right granted by the Labor Code of the Philippines. This benefit is entitled to rank-and-file employees regardless of status as long as he/she has worked  at least one month in the company. How is the 13th month pay computed? The 13th month pay computation is based on the total basic monthly salary of an employee for the whole year, divided by 12 months. Thus: “13 month pay = total basic salary earned during the year / 12” Therefore when an employee’s basic salary is Php 15,000 and had worked for 8 months, the 13th month computation is calculated as such: (Php 15,000 x 8 months)/12 = Php 10,000 Image source According to our law, the 13th month pay should be released not later than the 24th of December. So while waiting for our 13th month salary, check out these 13 fast facts below: 1) The 13th month pay is one of the mandatory benefits of an employee here in the Philippines. This means it’s your … [Read more...]

Can’t Pay Your Credit Card Bill? Here’s What to Do Next


Admit it. Your credit card bill isn’t your favorite mail to receive every month end. But when it arrives with a big figure, reality hits you hard. You just can’t pay it all. So, what’s next? You are not alone. Most people are having a hard time paying their bills on time and in full too. It could be brought by unforeseen circumstances—from losing track of monthly expenses to emergencies and unemployment.   What Happens When You Don’t Pay Your Credit Card Bill Often, you won’t think about the consequences of an unpaid credit card bill. First month of missing it isn’t that noticeable. But when you consistently don’t pay your bill, interest rates and penalty fees accumulate which are sure trouble to your pockets. Late repayments come with penalty fees ranging from 4% to 7%, while compounding interest rates range from 2.5% to 3.75%. Waiting for more than 90 days isn’t a smart move. Your creditor will mostly likely put your name on the permanent negative record, which can … [Read more...]

The Relationship-like Stages You Experience On A First Credit Card Affair


“A relationship is like a credit card, if you don’t handle it responsibly, you lose its value and pay heavy in the future for the past” -Joseph Cubby Life would be easier if you can just have a credit card by your side… well think again. A credit card is more than just giving you extra cash in a card. A credit card is a "credit" by the end of the day, and Joseph Cubby was right when he compared a relationship to a credit card, because a common point for both is RESPONSIBILITY. Now, you’re guessing you are old enough to handle a credit card. You think you are financially responsible to manage your budget and you feel it’s high time you get a credit card because after all you’re adulting. But here’s a credit card advice, responsibility sounds easier said than done. If you’re ready to mingle yourself with credit cards, here's an easier understanding of how it's like to start and end a credit card affair for the first time. All we want to give you is a credit card material that you … [Read more...]

A Back to Basics Guide To Earn Your First Credit Card


Credit cards in the country are usually seen as a luxury because ideally it has a lot of benefits such as hassle-free money transactions, fast solutions in financial emergencies, instant gratification from online shopping, easy online booking payments and a lot more. It’s indeed alluring! Image source If you’ve been wanting to get your wallets with those swiping plastic money, yet you still wonder how? Here’s a back to basics guide to help you come into terms in earning your first credit card. 1)Determine the best type of credit card you can apply for. So, it's your first time to apply for a credit card and you feel overwhelmed with the hundreds of credit card products that you've read from different banking institutions. Well, to explain to you, there are a variety of credit cards that suits a particular financial need. From the variety of credit cards, there are three major types to know.  Regular -This is the best bet for first time credit owners.  Premium-For … [Read more...]

10 Clever Tips to Earn Extra Cash for the Holidays


The moment Jose Mari Chan takes over the speakers at shopping malls, you just know it’s Christmas time in the Philippines. Despite the heat and humidity in this tropical country, the air feel just a tad crisper, the people merrier, and oh boy, the prices of holiday gifts seem higher. Yikes! Since Filipinos love Christmas time, they tend to splurge during the holidays. In this article, we’ll give you a few tips to earn that extra cash for your holiday shopping madness so you won’t have to be galante now, pulubi later. 1. Set up a garage sale. Filipinos love to keep stuff with sentimental value even when it becomes obsolete. We just love to hoard! If you have a lot of pre-loved items that are still in good working condition, sell them to generate extra cash instead of watching them collect dust in your storage. 2. Do overtime work. This is the fastest way to earn extra dough especially for office girls and boys. If you’re a freelancer, accept more projects. Don’t forget to … [Read more...]

How To Tell If You Are Going Broke After The Holidays


Today, we have 79 days until Christmas! It’s a big occasion for most of us. It’s the time to get together, the time to celebrate the real meaning of the season and the time to alot money to make the celebration a feastful one-regardless if you can’t really afford Christmas. Sure, everyone wants that piece of happiness. We don’t want to take that away, and nobody has the right. But this is a sorry not sorry kind of advice to share how to tell if you are still going to get enough moolah after living way above your means over the holidays. We want a holiday celebration that makes your money count. So, check out these warning signs to help you save some for yourself. Sign No. 1: You don’t set your Christmas Budget. Image source The holiday season is not an excuse to keep yourself from making a budget. Just because you think this is the best time to reward yourself, you have to go all out. Stop there! You’re not being financially smart. Plus, thinking that you have … [Read more...]

PAWNINA TALKS: 10 Telltale Signs You’re Dating A Shopaholic


Hi there guys! Pawnina here! Dating is a crucial step on getting to know someone you like. At this early on set of a relationship, you both are trying to read one another, figuring out if you guys can harmonize with your personalities, sync with your interests, intertwine with your  . likes and dislikes and eventually hit off the road together. Of course, it’s really admirable to know the qualities of your dates as being creative, athletic, geeky, crazy, funny and all sorts, but had you ever had the chance to date someone who’s actually shopaholic? There’s nothing wrong dating a shopaholic, it’s a flaw that you’ll learn to accept. Shopping doesn’t harm anybody physically, but financially it does hurt and that could be a problem. If you’re a frugal romantic, these telltale signs will give you the heads-up to identify whether your date has a shopping addiction.   1) Shopping is their absolute stress-reliever You cannot deny the fact that shopping is a shopaholic’s way of … [Read more...]

10 Everyday Items That Could Earn You P30,000 or More


Did you know that some everyday items you barely notice at home can help you earn much? That’s right. If you’re having troubles keeping up with your finances, you need not look far for extra cash. Know that you have plenty of solutions such as pawning, and most of the best items you can use as collateral are in the four corners of your home. Here’s a list of the everyday items pawned at PawnHero, giving the owner P30,000.00 and more. Canon Camera EOS 550D + Lenses + Flash Appraised Price: P30,000.00 If you’re not using your DSLR anymore, why not pawn it? Since the Canon EOS 550D boasts a lot of features (18 MP APS-C CMOS sensor, ISO 100-6400, H:12800, a quick control screen), you’re likely to earn P30,000 for this, or even higher if it comes with a flash and other lenses.   Image Source Lenovo CPU 4004 H1U Appraised Price: P30,000.00 With features such as an Intel CoreTM i3-3220T Dual Core Processor (3M Cache, 2.80 GHz) 35W, Windows 7 Professional Preloaded … [Read more...]