Easy Ways to Make Money on a Rainy Day


The rainy season is here! As the “bed weather” days are coming our way, it’s so tempting to stay under the sheets and do nothing all day. Then again, daily and monthly expenses such as groceries, utilities, and bills never stop even when the rain is strong and the roads are flooded. So, what can you do during rainy days to earn extra money? Remember that every hour you spend idle is money lost. Whether you’re a full-time employee with free time after work or a student trying to earn extra income, you can try different ways to make money during rainy days. This can let you start working towards financial independence or save up for that dream vacation. 1. Do some freelance work. There are a lot of websites nowadays that you can join to venture into freelancing work. Apart from freelancing being a great way to earn extra cash, it can also turn out as a full-time job for you that earns much more than your current paycheck. Make a list of all your skills according to the area … [Read more...]

15 Investment Milestones to Accomplish Before Your 30s


The 30s is the decade where everything should feel right by now and the 20s? Well, it is all in the past (or will soon be in the past for those in their twenties). In fact, the twenties is the decade that’s supposed to show you enough ups and downs to prep you for the rest of your life. Now with living a full-fledged adult life, making the right decisions based on past experiences is crucial. It is important to begin setting smart goals the moment you read this so you can reap the fruits later on. As life would have said, “Welcome to the real world!” To keep your financial goals in check, here are investment milestones that you should be focusing in accomplishing before blowing your 30th candle: 1) Enjoy financial independence. While your parents are there to unconditionally love you, they are also growing old. The first goal is to be free from your parents’ obligation to give you allowance. It’s time you give them the break from taking care of you (financially that is). Your … [Read more...]

10 Patok Businesses You Can Start with Less than P10,000 Capital


Drumming your fingers and wondering how you’re going to start your very own business on the side? Well, what if we tell you with a capital as low as P10,000, you can begin venturing a small yet lucrative business! That’s right, with just the right determination, the right risk and the right passion, you'll be on your way to build another stream of income while keeping your day job or perhaps being a full-time boss. We give you ten really "patok" businesses that you can start with an easy-to-have investment. Check them out below: 1. Sari-sari store Estimated Capital Need: P5,000 to P10,000 Image source A sari-sari store never goes out of the patok business ideas and it is aventure that’s lucrative. With a possible seed money of P5,000, you can start your very own Juan or Maria sari-sari store. To have a fast return of investment, the best strategy would lie on product availability or making sure that your community’s initial needs are available in just a walk away. Of course, … [Read more...]

Pawnina Tips: Follow Your Heart And Start Earning Money Doing What You Love


Hey guys, Pawnina here! It’s the love month! Speaking of such, this is the time to celebrate your love for someone, or for something. Now, after you leave your 9-5 jobs, take a stroll and start to reflect on things. How have you been faring on with your life lately? Are you fulfilling your purpose? Do you feel like doing your calling? Or simply put, are you happy right now? If you feel like it’s the total opposite of joy, here’s the good news, it’s entirely possible to follow your heart and pursue what you love doing most! And no doctor’s prescription can help you decide to follow your heart other than yourself. So, here’s what you can do to figure out how to start earning money from doing what you love: 1) Try not to quit your job before you start pursuing what you love doing. Others tend to be bold enough to quit their jobs with no plan at all. But sometimes, as Forrest Gump would have said it, “Life is like a box of chocolates, you’ll never know what you get.”   While … [Read more...]

A Young Millennial’s Guide On Starting A Business


Millennials (defined as today’s 18 to 34 year olds) are a different breed of generation. They are more confident, really task-focused, and downright articulate. The millennials are the kind of people who will resign if they don’t feel fulfilled in their job and even if there’s no job lined up for them. They are after self-fulfillment, as having such means a strong and solid security. Plus, millennials have the ambition to eventually set up their own business to be their own boss. Now, if you have the millennial-driven attitude to take risk and jump into the uncertain entrepreneurial road, then here’s a guide for all of you aspiring young business-minded yuppie on starting your business venture. 1) First, listen to problems and think of creative solutions. The market is really competitive, so, what’s something you can offer in a pure competitive market? What makes your business idea stand out? Now, that gets you thinking, here’s the trick: listen closely to all the rants, problems … [Read more...]

The Best Places To Start Your Business In The Philippines


It’s a good time for business and investments for our country this year as Philippines is seen to be the fastest growing economy in Asia! Really uh-mazing! And with such optimistic news, the opportunity to jump into the entrepreneurial hole couldn’t be any better than now! No kidding! Now, if you are looking to find the best places across the country to begin your biz journey, here’s a perceptive map to plot where you can begin marking x for your investment spot. 1) Makati Central Business District Makati is undoubtedly Philippines’ prime business district! As the country’s foremost financial and business hub, the city reflects the likes of great cities across the world with its most attractive real estate! This city continues to live its name as the crown jewel and financial capital as countless numbers of businesses, headquarters of blue chip companies, the largest banks and the Philippine Stock Exchange, among others, are located. Adding up to Makati as an ideal place to … [Read more...]

5 Investment Lessons from OFWs-Turned- Entrepreneurs


No one wants to be an OFW forever. Money can never take back the lost opportunities to be with your loved ones, see your kids grow, and attend milestone family events like birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries. These are enough reasons to dream of, one day, returning home for good. For OFWs, it’s a powerful motivation to save and invest in a business that will provide a sustainable source of income without flying away. As a modern day hero, you know you deserve better. So, begin dreaming of becoming your own boss. Let’s learn from the success stories of former OFWs who flew back home to dare the business scene. Myrna Padilla (Image source: Kalibrr) Growing up diving for and selling seaweeds in Bohol, Myrna Padilla didn’t know she has a passion for computers until she worked as a domestic worker in Hong Kong. She’d watch her 8-year-old ward each time the boy used his computer. Later on, she learned how to use the mouse, browse the Internet, and send e-mails. Myrna … [Read more...]

10 Clever Tips to Earn Extra Cash for the Holidays


The moment Jose Mari Chan takes over the speakers at shopping malls, you just know it’s Christmas time in the Philippines. Despite the heat and humidity in this tropical country, the air feel just a tad crisper, the people merrier, and oh boy, the prices of holiday gifts seem higher. Yikes! Since Filipinos love Christmas time, they tend to splurge during the holidays. In this article, we’ll give you a few tips to earn that extra cash for your holiday shopping madness so you won’t have to be galante now, pulubi later. 1. Set up a garage sale. Filipinos love to keep stuff with sentimental value even when it becomes obsolete. We just love to hoard! If you have a lot of pre-loved items that are still in good working condition, sell them to generate extra cash instead of watching them collect dust in your storage. 2. Do overtime work. This is the fastest way to earn extra dough especially for office girls and boys. If you’re a freelancer, accept more projects. Don’t forget to … [Read more...]

Six Brilliant D.I.Y. Project Ideas That You Could Do And Sell Over The Holidays


The holiday craze is asking everyone to jump in the bandwagon of planning parties, splurging on sales, and decorating homes. But there shouldn't be no pressure to spend like most people since you can also take the productive route to earn over your holiday downtime. Trust us, your creative license doesn’t ask much, because the only manpower you need is YOU! Hello to talents and skills! Now build a little company by the nook of your room and have a creative factory of a budding entrepreneur with these brilliant DIY project ideas that you guys can spare and maybe start selling over the holidays. DIY Project Idea 1: Artsy Watercolor bookmark Love painting? Well, you can get your hands to paint on artsy bookmarks. Bookworms out there have a thing for bookmarks (coming from a self-confessed bookworm). Plus, you don’t have to spend too much for the materials especially if you have them right now. They are basically school supplies on the art department. So, get those brushes … [Read more...]

3 Essential Steps to Starting Your Own Business


It seems like everyone these days wants to become their own boss. After all, you get to manage your own time and get to enjoy the rewards of your business (a.k.a. money!!!). Being an entrepreneur has its perks - especially when your business has grown; however, starting your own business is something that requires you to make well-thought, calculated decisions and risks that take a lot of time, especially in the beginning. So here are three essential steps to starting your own business and making sure you get to that point where you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the fruits of your labor! 1. Think through the idea As with any business idea or decision, one really needs to think through that amazing and innovative thought they conceptualized. Why? Mostly because once you get a light bulb idea, it tends to be exaggerated and out on the highest pedestal; you start thinking this business idea is going to serve an untapped market, make you money, and change the world and bring it … [Read more...]