5 Heartbreaking Lies Our Father Told Us

We might fight with him once in a while, we might get annoyed when he tells us off, but at the end of the day, dad is dad and we knew that everything was because he loved us. As Father's Day approaches, we take a look at several things our fathers told us that hid behind deeper sacrifices than we ever realized at the time. But, hey! It's never too late to see all that our fathers have done for us. “We have enough, we’ll get by.” You have always been your father’s princess. No you weren’t all that well-off. But your father always made sure you are well and comfortable. In the mall one day, you were looking longingly at a pair of cute brand-name flipflops on the shelf, and a few weeks later, you come home from school and see the same pair on top of your bed, waiting for you. “Be good, anak. Love, Papa” the card on the box read. You run to the living room and throw your arms around your Papa, thanking him for the gift. “But Papa, this is too pricey,” you tell him. “Don’t worry, anak … [Read more...]

What it Means to be a Millennial in a Developing Country


You’re 24 and leaving work. It doesn’t make you happy, you tell your parents and friends. You feel like it’s not your niche, not your special spot in the marketplace. Your family shrugs it off as indecisiveness, but your bosses shake their head at you, tells you you’re a typical millennial. A typical millennial. Millennial. The word is being thrown around so carelessly, but what exactly does it mean? What does it mean to be a millennial? According to Time, you are a millennial if you are born anytime between 1980 to 2000. This means that this group is mostly comprised of teens and twentysomethings. Okay, so why then, are millennials being looked down upon? We are simply talking about an age group here, right? Wrong. Apparently, we are talking about a group of relatively younger individuals whose habits are said to have been made somehow similar by factors including globalization, social media, the adoption of Western culture, and fast-paced change. This is a group that is … [Read more...]

16 Love Lessons We Have Learned from Our Favorite 90s Cartoons


In the 90s, we didn’t have iPads to keep us occupied. The only thing that kept us busy on Saturday afternoons and prevented us from getting all cranky during schooldays were our old, tube-type TV sets. In the 90s, we have yet to know the backpack-laden young lass with the shapeless bangs. Back then, we had Mary (and her Secret Garden,) Judy Abbot, Remi, Heidi, Cedie, Julio at Julia, Romeo, and of course, Princess Sarah and Tom Sawyer. We knew the lyrics to these cartoons’ theme songs by heart. We remember how we ugly-cried when Patrash died, or when Sarah first felt the throes of turning from princess to pauper. But when memes that featured the cartoons that starred in our fondest childhood recollections started making rounds online, we began thinking our entire childhood was a lie. Why, our wholesome childhood heroes began talking about love! Fret not, they are still the same old characters we find dear. Like you, they had just felt the pang of adulthood. PawnHero lists 16 love … [Read more...]

Look: These It Girls Just Got Married and They Will Totally Give You Wedding Goals


It’s June once more, and we could almost hear the toll of wedding bells from a distance. Regardless if you are an aspiring June bride or not, it’s nice to see blushing brides in pretty wedding gowns, walking down the aisle while their jubilant husbands-to-be wait nervously at the altar. Weddings, no matter how simple or elaborate, are always beautiful. Recently, two of Manila's most coveted women have gotten hitched, and the entire it-girl barkada (comprised of fine ladies Anne Curtis, Martine Cajucom, Isabelle Daza, Solenn Heussaff, Bea Soriano, and Liz Uy) gathered to witness the ceremonies. PawnHero gives you the deets on these it girls’ weddings: We remember how January last year, socialite Bea Soriano married Eric Dee Jr. If her BFFs knew anything about the engagement, they kept mum, and that’s why the wedding came as a surprise. Bea was the first in the barkada to have tied the knot. Speaking of wedding goals, the wedding took place in a romantic garden wedding location in … [Read more...]

10 Surprising Things You Can Find Inside a Pinoy’s Pocket


I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of those “what’s in your bag” columns in glossy magazines where they interview A-listers, asking them about the contents of their purse. But then lists like these always make you think “if she hasn’t sold her soul to the devil, there is NO way that white iPhone case would remain that pristine.” These columns make you wonder if Lady Gaga ever uses wet wipes, or why Taylor Swift apparently has never had an upset tummy. But, really, what’s in our bags? PawnHero takes a more realistic look, featuring the common contents of a typical Pinoy’s bulsa. Memories You grab a pair of pants that’s been hanging on a hook mounted to the back of your bedroom door for quite some time. You forget that the only reason it hung there limply was because it was the last thing you wore to a date that ended miserably. You put your hand inside the pocket and find torn concert tickets (how could it have ended so badly when she pleaded you to go with her to that concert?), … [Read more...]

Wonderful Places You Can Take Your Date When You’re on a Budget


A couple’s first few months, they say, are the sweetest. They call it the honeymoon stage. During this stage, the couple is practically joined at the hips and all over each other. This is the stage where just a whiff of her shampoo or the sight of his face is enough to send all the butterflies in your tummy in a state of frenzy. In these months, you see the world through rose-colored glasses, and nothing else matters apart from your lover. Against the intensity of your love, everything else paled in comparison. But, as much as we’d all like to stay in this euphoric stupor, the truth is, everything eventually wanes. The conversations become shorter, the good morning messages stop coming, the declarations of undying love suddenly feel forced, and trysts become less exciting. No, it doesn’t mean that the love is gone. It could mean, however, that you have grown a bit accustomed to each other, and that you probably need something that can reinforce your relationship. [UPDATE: Read … [Read more...]

Keep, Store, or Sell? A Savvy Fashionista’s Guide to Updating Her Wardrobe


For a fashion girl, there is probably nothing more fun than updating her wardrobe. But elating as every unbridled shopping spree is, it may come with a few setbacks. One is the challenge of fitting your new loot into your wardrobe. Admit it. Some of the items in your closet are there only for sentimental reasons. Never mind if the pair of exaggeratedly flared pants you pleaded your Mom for 10 Christmases ago just sat in your closet collecting dust. Why, simply looking at it brings proud tears to your eyes, as you are reminded of how far your fashionista self has gone. Plus, it makes your closet look fuller, so why not? But getting rid of items that you don’t use anymore can signal the beginning of a more organized lifestyle. Letting some of your closet clutter go can actually help you save time, space, and even your sanity. Start organizing your wardrobe and your life by taking this short quiz: Now that you’ve sifted through your closet and freed some valuable space, next … [Read more...]

’90s Fashion Trends that are Making a Comeback in 2016


In the 90s, we were probably not as fashion-conscious as we are now. Back then, you were probably clad in whatever your Mom pulls out of the closet. And let’s face it, in her rushed attempt to get you both out of the house so you could both get home early in time for Mara Clara or Saan Ka Man Naroroon, you don’t always look so fashionable. Luckily, the adage “lightning don’t strike the same place twice” isn’t really applicable in the world of fashion, as 90s fashion trends are making a comeback! It’s time to rummage through your Mom’s closet and dust off those bags that laid there for decades, as the same pieces that embarrassed you in the playground can make you the most fashionable chick on the streets. There are some throwback styles we would definitely rather forget (think butterfly clips, . To help you decipher, Pawnhero lists 90s fashion trends that are making a comeback this 2016: 1. Overalls Then: Here is Katie Holmes during her Dawson's Creek era, looking tomboy-cute in … [Read more...]

Discounts on Top of Discounts: PawnHero Payday Sale!


It's raining discounts as PawnHero's Payday Sale is here! We're slashing the prices of these already discounted authentic, preloved items starting today til May 31!  The following items are up for grabs: This classic, preloved authentic Michael Kors Watch is perfect for any OOTD! Get it today at a discounted price of P4515!   Never be late for any appointment with a fashionable, authentic preloved Tag Heuer Watch! Make your purchase anytime between today and May 31 and pay only P19350! Be inspired to create more with a sleek, highly functional Lenovo S110 Laptop. Own this trusty work companion at an especially discounted price of P9030, when you buy anytime between today and May 31! Take images that are bigger than life with a gently-used Pentax Camera with DSLR! Get it for only P6450 today if you purchase from the PawnHero Payday Sale anytime between today and May 31! Find out how you can avail of … [Read more...]

Buying a Pre-Owned Smartphone? Here are the Things You Need to Consider


Consumers these days are becoming more tech-savvy. Smartphone dealers respond to the users' insatiable need to upgrade and be updated by releasing new models at a speed that can rival a charging bullet. And this, ladies and gents, is what makes buying the latest models less sulit. Fine, those cutting-edge phones may integrate the best features, but the next thing you know, the maker has already released a newer version, and your flagship phone suddenly isn’t the best anymore. That’s why it comes as no surprise that more Filipinos turn to secondhand phones. Sure, getting a preowned phone deprives you of the thrill that comes with unboxing a brand-new unit, but it does come with many advantages. One, for only 2/3 of its original price, you can get that phone you had been obsessing over last year. Two, it is easy to own a secondhand phone. You just need to find a reliable seller, a good unit, settle on the price, and that’s it. However, there are also a few setbacks to buying a … [Read more...]