5 Investment Lessons from OFWs-Turned- Entrepreneurs


No one wants to be an OFW forever. Money can never take back the lost opportunities to be with your loved ones, see your kids grow, and attend milestone family events like birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries. These are enough reasons to dream of, one day, returning home for good. For OFWs, it’s a powerful motivation to save and invest in a business that will provide a sustainable source of income without flying away. As a modern day hero, you know you deserve better. So, begin dreaming of becoming your own boss. Let’s learn from the success stories of former OFWs who flew back home to dare the business scene. Myrna Padilla (Image source: Kalibrr) Growing up diving for and selling seaweeds in Bohol, Myrna Padilla didn’t know she has a passion for computers until she worked as a domestic worker in Hong Kong. She’d watch her 8-year-old ward each time the boy used his computer. Later on, she learned how to use the mouse, browse the Internet, and send e-mails. Myrna … [Read more...]

How to Survive Holiday Sale Shopping (Without Going Broke)


Holiday sales! It’s probably the best days for Filipino shoppers. Why not? A 50% off on branded sneakers or a Buy 1 Take 1 promo on cool jeans is not a bad deal, and knowing Filipinos, we always want to make the most of our buck. It’s no wonder why despite the thick crowd, we hurry to malls just to take that rare chance of finding big discounts.   Here’s a caveat though: More holiday sales are expected to come before the year ends. So, you might want to control that urge to buy on impulse each time a new shopping sale is announced. We know it’s hard, but you wouldn’t want to welcome 2017 with empty pockets, right? Check out our tips to help you survive back-to-back holiday shopping sales without going broke. GIF Source Set a budget and stick to it It wouldn’t hurt to set limits on your spending. It only shows that you’re a responsible shopper. After all, having a budget in place can help you set realistic expectations on what you can afford. Once you’ve set your … [Read more...]

Can’t Pay Your Credit Card Bill? Here’s What to Do Next


Admit it. Your credit card bill isn’t your favorite mail to receive every month end. But when it arrives with a big figure, reality hits you hard. You just can’t pay it all. So, what’s next? You are not alone. Most people are having a hard time paying their bills on time and in full too. It could be brought by unforeseen circumstances—from losing track of monthly expenses to emergencies and unemployment.   What Happens When You Don’t Pay Your Credit Card Bill Often, you won’t think about the consequences of an unpaid credit card bill. First month of missing it isn’t that noticeable. But when you consistently don’t pay your bill, interest rates and penalty fees accumulate which are sure trouble to your pockets. Late repayments come with penalty fees ranging from 4% to 7%, while compounding interest rates range from 2.5% to 3.75%. Waiting for more than 90 days isn’t a smart move. Your creditor will mostly likely put your name on the permanent negative record, which can … [Read more...]

10 Clever Tips to Earn Extra Cash for the Holidays


The moment Jose Mari Chan takes over the speakers at shopping malls, you just know it’s Christmas time in the Philippines. Despite the heat and humidity in this tropical country, the air feel just a tad crisper, the people merrier, and oh boy, the prices of holiday gifts seem higher. Yikes! Since Filipinos love Christmas time, they tend to splurge during the holidays. In this article, we’ll give you a few tips to earn that extra cash for your holiday shopping madness so you won’t have to be galante now, pulubi later. 1. Set up a garage sale. Filipinos love to keep stuff with sentimental value even when it becomes obsolete. We just love to hoard! If you have a lot of pre-loved items that are still in good working condition, sell them to generate extra cash instead of watching them collect dust in your storage. 2. Do overtime work. This is the fastest way to earn extra dough especially for office girls and boys. If you’re a freelancer, accept more projects. Don’t forget to … [Read more...]

10 Budget Travel Destinations to Discover During ‘Ber’ Months


Hooray for the Ber months! Everyone, for sure, is going gaga over plane ticket discounts and where to spend the most wonderful season of the year. If you’re planning on where to go for your next adventure, this guide can help you out with some of the best destinations—local and international—to visit during the Ber season. LOCAL DESTINATIONS Sagada Image source If you’ve seen the movie “That Thing Called Tadhana,” then you might think that this is the perfect place to look for that special someone. But it’s actually an ideal place for outdoor activities and adventures. Your journey in Sagada begins with a trek to the Big Falls. After trekking, go caving in the Lumiang-Sumaguing Cave Connection, where amazing rock formations including the King’s Curtain and Porn Caves are found. Spend a peaceful, serene afternoon after the long trip at Lake Danum. Don’t forget the best part. Watch the breathtaking view of the sunrise at Kiltepan Peak. Such a picturesque view! For … [Read more...]

6 Hacks To Get The Best Deals Online


Going outside, waiting in line, and being around other shoppers—these are the cons of not buying online. Since online shopping already exists, you can now shop in just a few taps and clicks right in the comfort of your home. As Filipinos, we always want to get the most out of our money, let alone the fact that we are inherently frugal. So how can we make sure that we are getting our money’s worth when shopping online? Here are smart tips to help you shop the things you want and need online at the best prices—in the quickest way possible. 1) Fill up and abandon your online shopping cart After putting all the things you want to shop in the cart, don’t check out just yet. Leaving it for a day or two will make the store think that you’re second guessing your purchase. As response, the store will send a deal or coupon to your inbox to lure you back in. 2) Shop in private mode Stores can track your online shopping activity including location/ZIP codes, peak time, and buying … [Read more...]

8 Characteristics of Debt-Free People


Some people are drowning in a pool of debt while others swim in cash. And it’s not hard to spot what makes their difference. Debt-free people have developed characteristics that make it easy for them to manage their finances well. So, if you want to stop your debt from haunting you, develop similar traits. Here’s a list of top characteristics debt-free people have. 1) They have a keen eye for details. Image source: The Balance Your hectic schedule is not an excuse to miss your dues. Overdue bills, bank statements, and credit card surcharges—debt-free people never forget to watch out for these records, which many often overlook.   How to do it? Pay close attention to small things in your life, particularly those involving money. Know your due dates. Keep track of your expenses and where your money is going. With these simple ways, a huge amount can be saved. 2) They are self-reliant. Debt-free people take pride of their financial milestones and freedom, so they make an … [Read more...]

How to Stop Online Shopping Addiction from Ruining Your Life


They say that money can’t buy happiness. Whoever said this must not know where to shop, right? Kidding aside. While online shopping can make you happy, too much of it can be bad for you. American business tycoon Warren Buffet once said: “If you buy things you do not need, you will soon sell things you need." While it’s hard to ignore hot deals online, developing a compulsive habit of purchasing items one after another can lead to undesirable situations. It could drag you to a huge pile of debt, or worse, ruin your personal relationships. Don’t be an online shopaholic. Turn on a new leaf and stop the addiction with these easy ways: Always ask yourself "Do I need this?" Needs and wants are different things. Do not confuse the two. Think about what Buffet said and picture this—say, you spent a hundred thousand on online shopping and get sick one day. Your doctor tells you that you need surgery, which costs... you guessed it - a hundred thousand. You might think, I can … [Read more...]

How 5 Young Filipino Entrepreneurs Made It Big


Back in 2005, the late founder and CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs gave an inspiring commencement address to the graduates of Stanford University. In his speech, he talked about the decisions he had to make and the concept he had about life. He told the graduates to follow their hearts, fall in love in what they will do, and "don't settle.” Are you in love with what you are doing? If you’re among the Filipino workforce who’s getting used to your regular job and having a business has always been the dream, go for it. It is never too late to start. Remember that not every business idea is gold, and not all start-up companies grow to become conglomerates. However, starting early gives you the advantage to afford "failures." Being a young Filipino entrepreneur, when a business does not go as planned, gives you the privilege to rise back up, dust yourself off, and start all over again. A lot of Filipino millennials have done it. Be inspired by these millennial entrepreneurs who did not … [Read more...]

10 Filipino Hero Movies to Watch on Heroes’ Day

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National Heroes’ Day is a great time to be nostalgic. It’s when we find a reason to look back at our past to appreciate the present. Don’t let the day end without paying tribute to the heroes whose sense of nationalism is admirable. You can do this by simply going back to the lessons from their journey. We have a bunch of films to help you! Here’s a list of hero movies PawnHero picked for you to include in your films to watch. Heneral Luna (2015) The movie is set in 18th century, during the Philippine-American war. Actor John Arcilla brings to life the epic battle of Heneral Luna, a short-tempered Filipino general determined to free the country from American rule. After years of captivity under the Spanish colony, Heneral Luna refuses to let another foreign heritage take over. Together with his most trusted men, they embark on a journey to fight for the country he so dearly loves. He fights for the Filipinos and yet, betrayed by his own countrymen in the … [Read more...]