10 Legit Ways Pinoys Can Do to Make Money from Home

With a stable job comes a steady source of income. And while having a regular job and doing freelancing projects are considered as excellent money-making opportunities, there are still a lot more activities we, Filipinos, can do to earn even at home. However, don’t assume that you’ll be making the same amount you receive with your full-time job from these sidelines—unless you take on many jobs simultaneously. 1. Teach English Online Aside from the language, Filipinos are also knowledgeable and fluent in English. If you’re confident with your written and verbal communication skills, consider this as another career opportunity since it comes with a great pay. If you know another language besides English, the better! 2. Answer Paid Surveys Companies use paid surveys to their market research. It’s somehow similar to a focus group where discussions can be about a particular product, campaign, or an advertisement to name a few. By just answering various surveys online, … [Read more...]

5 Money Habits Filipinos Should Forget Now

Filipinos are some of the most hardworking and competent workers in the world. We take our time and money to invest in good education that helps us land a good and decent job, believing that this will help us get into a better situation in life. Unfortunately, there are some financial “cultural habits” that we’ve adopted that we still do until today. As a result, we get stuck. And, the worst part is, it hinders us from reaching our goals.   Listed below are some of the worst financial habits that stop us from flourishing financially. Read and see if you’re also guilty of doing these habits. 1. For the sake of ‘Pakikisama’ ‘Pakikisama’ or our inclination to coexist with others peacefully is a big part of the Filipino culture. Filipinos are known to be very hospitable. It’s second nature for us to accommodate everyone even if we don’t have much money or extra money to spend. A common gesture is to spend lavishly during celebrations. It has been a tradition to treat friends, … [Read more...]

10 Money Mistakes Pinoys Should Stop Making in 2016

During this time of the year, many Pinoys have already created their New Year’s Resolutions for this year. So, what’s on your list? This year, why not include changes to the way you handle your money and make a resolution specifically for that. Here are some of the most common money mistakes we commit:   1. Paying only the minimum charges on your credit card bill According to the credit card statistics provided by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, the Philippine banking system had calculated an alarming amount of Php 157.394 billion of credit card debts. This is because many Filipinos have a misguided view on the value of owning a credit card. A lot of Pinoy credit card holders tend to maximize their spending limit then pay only the minimum charge on their credit card bills every month. Paying only the minimum fee will increase your credit balance by 2.5% to 3.5% every month. The next thing you know, your credit card debt will have ballooned immensely, making it more … [Read more...]

10 Amazing Hacks to Clean Jewelry

Jewelry cleaning

All things that glitter are always a pretty sight to behold. Except when they start to lose their sparkle and shiny becomes wood-like. So fret not, jewelry lovers, heirloom owners, and even award-winning rappers - we’ve rounded up these amazing tips to help keep your bling in pristine amazingness. Whether it’s gold or silver, the best thing about jewelry is that it can literally withstand the test of time with a little modified TLC (that is, tender love and cleaning). No need to worry if you want to propose your girlfriend using your great grandmother’s circa 1800 ring, or don a golden necklace because it goes well with your boho outfit. Here are some tried and tested ways to help keep your jewelry stay as a timeless investment: 1. Bring Back Beauty with Beer The next time you feel like cracking open a cold bottle, set aside a part of it and use it to bring the luster back in your golden accessories. Let your gold soak in for 10 to 15 minutes, then rinse clean and dry. … [Read more...]

Fake vs. Real Rolex: How to Spot the Difference

Popular branded items from clothes, shoes, to bags, have the potential to catch the attention of many because of their known expensive price tags. Rather than paying full price for the real thing, others opt for the class AA imitations.   More often, these items are coming closer and closer in looking like the bona fide articles of art and fashion and it’s becoming more difficult when trying to spot the difference.  As an example, can you spot a fake Rolex?    In case you’re thinking of getting one for yourself or as a gift, these signs must be taken into consideration so you’d know if the Rolex you’re buying is the real thing: 1. Packaging  Photo Source: Pawndirect.co.uk How the timepiece is presented is the first thing you should examine.  Rolex art pieces come in a very elegant packaging.  Along with a nice box, it must include instructions, warranty, paperwork, and a letter of authenticity.  If these things are not present, make sure that the place you’re purchasing … [Read more...]

15 Online Tools You Can Use to Monitor Your Budget

The Philippines ranked 68th in the world in terms of financial literacy in a recent study conducted by the Asian Development Bank (ADB). Lagging behind Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore, the Philippines was revealed to lack a national strategy for financial education. The study was further supported by a 2014 research by MasterCard, which indicated that Filipinos score low on financial literacy. Besides the Philippines, other markets that scored low on the financial literacy index are Malaysia, Bangladesh, Thailand, and Singapore. The Philippines ranked 8th among Asia Pacific countries. The need for financial literacy and planning has become more apparent especially in these tough economic times, as merely having an initial spending plan that can help anyone secure a financially sound future. With the lack of awareness campaigns on economic and financial awareness in the country, Filipinos should start to educate themselves and make use of available … [Read more...]

10 Financial Decisions to Make Before or in Your 30s

  While the 20s is the time when most people are still trying to discover their own paths, the 30s is usually the age where people start to realize they should already be on the road to settling down. If you’re anywhere between that age, and have started to think of taking financial matters in your own hands, read on as we dish out tips to help you make the right financial choice for the long haul. At this point, your financial decisions will shape the type of life you will have in the future, which means making the right and best choices essential -- You want to lessen committing the same money mistakes over and over again, so read on and learn how you can make sound important financial decisions before your 30th birthday. 1. Maintain a Budget Budgeting is something a lot of people don't like to do. However, it is necessary because it helps you keep track of where your money goes. Doing this enables you to better understand your spending habits and figure out … [Read more...]

7 Sure Fire Ways You’re Doing The Holidays in “Tita” Fashion

#1 - bulk gifts

Titas. Instead of just using the word to refer to our biological aunts, or our parents’ friends, or anyone else who we can’t address by their first name without being iffy, the word "Tita" is now also being understood in a different light more than to just literally being a middle-aged (or senior) woman who gets the finer things in life (read: bi-weekly mani/pedi sesh is a must or else the thought of ugly nails and dried skin will ruin your day; or call girl friends as “mars” colloquially shortened to replace “kumare”). Today, Tita has now developed to become a household name to many Filipino women that all share the trait of being practical and pragmatic, all in a very lovable and unique sense appreciated by the people around them. We’ve been hearing this term thrown around a lot of times even in the most ordinary activities like choosing to stay in and watch a nice movie or TV show by yourself instead of hitting the bar on a weeknight (unlike before, admirably, during your … [Read more...]

15 Tips to Save Money This Holiday

15 Tips to Save Money This Holiday Season

  Christmas is just around the corner, and we all know how it is! With Michael Jackson’s classic holiday hit “Give Love on Christmas Day” playing in just about every store, we all can get a little overeager and exhilarated about giving gifts and throwing lavish parties for our loved ones—only to be surprised by the time January rolls in and we’ve spent all that bonus. Generosity is perfectly fine, but one doesn’t have to overspend to have the best Christmas ever. Avoid overspending and that imminent holiday debt with these Christmas budget-buster tips this holiday: 1. Plan it. Before diving into your Christmas shopping, set a budget and a gift list a couple of weeks before December. Create a spending plan that lists who you need to buy gifts for and how much you’ll be spending. You should have an idea of how much you’re about to spend since your holiday budget is likely to be similar to the money you spent last year. It’s important to plan early because it … [Read more...]

Top 15 Online Shopping Tips for Black Friday

Top 15 Black Friday Shopping Tips

Black Friday is virtually every shopper’s favorite time of the year, copping the best deals and high discounts off on even the most expensive items on the shelves. With the advent of technology, the usual long lines, traffic jams, and packed department stores and malls can now be avoided as the online world has also welcomed this frantic albeit fun time of the year for shopping aficionados all over the world to enjoy. To help you get the most out of this global sale, here are a few tips to keep in mind before getting lost in the online Black Friday craziness: 1. Set a Realistic Budget Start by creating an overall budget plan and set a realistic amount for the items you are looking to buy. Make a list of the things you need to buy against the things that would be nice to purchase during Black Friday. This will help ensure you get the best deals over just buying things because they’re cheap after Thanksgiving. 2. Make a list of stores to visit Create a list of the online … [Read more...]