10 Saving Tips: Your Survival Kit to Save Money this Holiday Season

10 Saving Tips: Your Survival Kit to Save Money this Holiday Season


You spent half of the year saving up money for what? For celebrating what the world describes as the Philippines’ longest season- the Christmas season? Well, somewhat true, after all, you deserve to reap the benefits of your hard work. But don’t forget, you have a financial goal to reach at the end of this year.

And if you want to be Santa this year by treating your loved ones and yourself as well, there’s no stopping you. But if you’re still reeling to achieve your target digits, don’t worry, we are giving you the survival kit to save money this holiday season with these ten saving tips.

1) Book early, book now.

The holiday season means a peak season for most hotel and lodging businesses and businesses with reservation-based services. If you’re all planning for an out of town or out of the country style holiday trip, it is best to book early and book now before demand pushes prices to its rock rates. So better start now than later.

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2) Don’t be a last-minute shopper.

As much as possible don’t procrastinate if you plan to shop gifts or items you need/want for the holiday. Expect now that the grocery stores, shopping malls and flea markets will get crazier as the season heightens. Get that list of yours going and make a strict schedule to follow.

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3) Avoid getting into a spending frenzy.

There are discounts, sales and promos popping up everywhere. And sure this would be an advantage to grab great deals, but always know that it’s still all business. What you need to do is to take careful measures on purchasing discounted items. We’ve shared the psychological secrets of such, and don’t get tugged into the hype of crowded malls, the sight does welcome your impulsive attitude.

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4) It’s the best time to get a sideline gig.

If you’re a talented crafts person, a photography and videography hobbyist, an event organizer, an awesome host, an amazing cook or a really fantastic singer then take advantage of your talents and start a freelance gig. The Christmas season will be jam-packed with celebrations and they want the services you can offer. You’ll never know where your journey will end up tho. At least, you get to do two things at once; enjoy what you love doing while earning extra cash.

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5) Practice potlucks on reunions.

Expect mini and grand reunion invites to spice up your social life. So if you’re either planning to host a party or joining a party, consider the idea of a potluck celebration. Potluck means a meal or party to which each of the guests contributes a dish. Sounds real fun right? So, plan a potluck reunion, and live up to the time of sharing and giving.

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6) Be a creative gift-giver instead.

Gift-giving is not at all obligatory, it’s not the price that counts, it’s the value of giving that comes with it. Make a list of friends and loved ones you really feel deserving and in that list make a corresponding budget, that helps. Plus, instead of buying material things, there are tons of creative ways to surprise them with holiday presents. Get a head start and put your creativity to good use.

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7) Check your holiday budget.

Have you prep up for your holiday budget? Well, you can start as early as now. Always remember to spend within your means and always set a Christmas budget; food, travel, parties, gifts. You don’t want to end up broke at the end of the year. Good luck.

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8) Recycle and refurbish holiday decorations.

Time to cheer up your homes with that holiday spirit. So, bring out those boxes of old Christmas decor and start creatively refurbishing your season’s theme. Safety is always priority, so don’t dig into cheap decors without checking the ISO standards. If you want to add more, check  out the Dapitan Arcade, a flea market around the Metro. They have really safe and budget-friendly decorations to sell.

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9) Shop at the Marketplace.ph by PawnHero to get the best online shopping deals.

Have you heard of Marketplace.ph by PawnHero? Well, now you do. Marketplace.ph by PawnHero is your newest online shop. You can find pre-loved, authentic and carefully tested branded items with 70% off its market value. It’s pretty fun!! Check it out and make Marketplace.ph by PawnHero your go-to online shopping experience. It’s the Holidays, so make it count. 

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10)  Keep in heart the reason for the holiday season.

Although you need money to spend for the food, the gifts, the party-stuffs, always know that what keeps everything together is the bond of your loved ones. The happiness of what money can buy cannot equate the love of a family together. Happy holidays!!!

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There you have it, now you can start putting your holiday spending decisions to good use. We hope you can hit your financial goal while enjoying the benefits of your hard work at the same time.

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